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Tabatha Shipley is the author of Breaking Eselda and 30 Days Without Wings. The mother of two and wife to the best guy alive is an irrational perfectionist and passionate cook who does not think she could survive without a book to read.

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TABATHA SHIPLEY (Tier IV Newcomer Author )


Young Adult
The Academy

There’s Magic in the World. Anyone with a Magical spark is taken to the Academy, a place to learn Magic. Every decade the person on Earth with the most powerful spark becomes the Magician. For the first time in the history of the Academy, two people are set to become the next Magician. Locked in constant competition, Angela and Tanya will battle it out for the job before the coming ceremony where one will be chosen. The future of the Academy depends on who is chosen and what they do once they’re selected.

Chapter 1-December 27

Chapter One-December 27


Tucked in a valuable private alcove of the crowded hallway, I swipe my hand in a circle along the beige painted bricks and watch the image spawn in the wake of my hand. My tiny blond sister, eating a bowl of oatmeal with on...


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