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The Gilded Knights: Heroes of Aezeria
by Elizah Godswood

The Order of the Four Winds has stood against Chaos and His followers for millenia, defending the world from darkness. When the Titan, Mons, a powerful fire elemental, threatens to conquer and destroy the world for his own, it falters. Without word from their goddess Kirada, they cannot make a move. Seida, a retired agent of the Order, decides to take matters into her own hands. Together with her sister and two apprentices, she must unite the kingdoms and nations against Mons and his followers before he destroys the world. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
Like Old Times

"So what happens now? Am I packing up and moving to another city?" 

   Seida turned as the office door shut behind her, surprised to find a young man waiting outside the Overseer's office. Maera had mentioned that he would be broug...

Chapter 2
The Titan of Fire

The sun was still below the horizon as Seida planted herself on the log by the campfire. With a stiff groan, she stretched side to side and blew into her hands a few times to warm her cold fingers. She stirred the ashes with a stick, piling up the coals in the cente...

Chapter 3
The Child in the Woods

The morning brought light to a different world. In the early dawn, there was nothing but silence. No birds sang as they took flight nor did any squirrels begin to chatter as they rose from their nests for the day. There was still the heavy scent of smoke and ash in ...

Chapter 4
The Summons

Gregorim noticed something had changed the moment they set foot in the barracks. Seida had tightened her grip on Tauren's shoulder as they came through the waypoint. He seemed dazed, as though his first jump had been a bit too much for him. He seemed even more pale,...

Chapter 5
The Grand Master

Seida blew out a nervous sigh as they stepped out of the waypoint and into the cobblestone courtyard of the Citadel dispatch zone. The massive fortress towered above the entire city. Its many white stone spires and stained glass windows glinted blindingly in the sun...

Chapter 6
Down the River Frost

“So what happened in there, exactly?” Gregorim asked Seida.

“We were told to speak to the Oracle. We only have a few hours to prepare before meeting with a ship that’s heading to Khasta.” Seida scanned the sheet of paper in her ha...

Chapter 7

Sadra woke before the sun had broken over the mountains. Tossing the covers off, she quickly ran to her balcony and tossed the glass doors open. She stopped at the railing, looking down at the forests beyond the city. It was still too dark to see much, but the river...

Chapter 8

“Let me get this straight; the Oracle is your sister?” The young elf looked between Seida and Sadra, dumbfound. “You left that bit of information out.”

   “Well, it wasn’t important at the time,” Seida s...

Chapter 9
At Wit’s End

The boys were silent during breakfast. They kept their eyes on their plates, refusing to fully meet her eye. Seida knew they were both furious with her, and she couldn’t blame them. But the assembly room was no place for young boys, and she didn’t have a...

Chapter 10

Seida paused when she reached the door to her chambers, pressing her ear to the it to ensure that the boys had finally left for their lessons. The last thing she needed was them trying to come with her; they’d be safer in Ist’Heom with the Order. Gregori...

Chapter 11

It was still night in Paix, thankfully. Seida wasted little time once their feet hit the ground. They stood in the town center, where the central waypoint was. The paper lanterns that were strung from the branches and upper walkways around them were dimly lit, casti...

Chapter 12

Sadra groaned when she felt a ray of sun hit her face, warm against her skin. Her head throbbed horribly, and her whole body ached as though she’d been sick with a fever. When she moved to push herself up, her left hand throbbed horribly. She hissed in pain, n...

Chapter 13
Up the River Red

Taking the boys into the marketplace of the city had proved to be less like giving the boys a quick field trip before their departure and more like herding two incredibly curious cats. Every little thing seemed to catch their eye: a flock of birds roosting on a rail...

Chapter 14
The Queen of Salem

By midmorning the next day, they reached the docks of Manchela. The Deleria docked close to the heart of the city. Captain Starley and her crew bid them farewell and safe travels. Gregorim and Tauren waved goodbye, thanking them for the ride. Seida and Sadr...

Chapter 15
The Drakkonian Isles

The storm brewing on the eastern horizon gave Seida a bad feeling in her stomach as the boat slowed to a stop in the cove. The Drakkonian Isles was completely foreign to her—an uninhabited jungle island chain full of dragons and other dangerous beasts. There w...

Chapter 16
Titan of the Isles

“Go!” Seida motioned to the narrow passageway through the cliff. Gregorim and Tauren ran through without hesitation, but Sadra remained. “What are you waiting for? The dragon is almost on us.”

“We need you!” Sadra protested....

Chapter 17
No Turning Back

Flying, Tauren thought, was exhilarating. As Kaelom flew them towards the volcano, which was surprisingly close to the temple ruins, he saw a whole different world. Everything looked so different from above. The cold air rushing over his face and through his hair di...

Chapter 18
From the Ashes

Seida gripped the railing of the steamship as Manchella came into view. The first time they pulled into harbor, with all the glittering dragonflies, beautiful birds and clear waters, she’d felt so confident. The beauty of the jungle city had entranced her. Now...

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