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Forbidden Desires-Sequel to Desires of the Heart: Sequel
by Tiffany S. Doran

Daisy May has everything she could ever ask for; a mom who loves her with her whole heart, a dad who is a hard worker and supports them and a grandpa who is second to none that teaches her everything he knows about farming and keeping up with all the animals. She is only missing one thing, love. A new job during her last year of high school leads her down a windy road in search of such a love only to find out, the heart she seeks is forbidden. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

It was a blissful day in the Calhoun home. The weather was once again warm, and the flowers were all growing around the farmhouse. Katie woke up to the rich aroma of her dad making coffee. She sat up in bed and stretched, trying to fully wake from her night’s sleep. Katie turned and placed her feet on the plush carpet as her dad made it up the stairs with her coffee and knocked on her door. She gave her half asleep greeting.


 “Yes?” She mumbled.



Chapter 2

Daisy May, Katie and Buck’s daughter, is almost eighteen years old and is as beautiful as Katie but a tom boy through and through. Daisy blames her grandpa, Randy for it. After all, he was letting her play in the mud and plop in the hay since she was two and he hasn’t ever stopped letting her. 


“I’m in here dear,” Katie said from the back of her office. “I just ran across mine and your dad’s picture album from our wedding day.”

Chapter 3

So, school starts back soon doesn't it Daisy?" Robert asked as he pulled stock from the back shelves at the market.

"Yeah it sure does, I will be so glad to be finished and on to college." Daisy said as she fiddle with some twine she found on the floor.

“Well, don’t rush it. I know you hear that a lot and you will hear it a lot more, but I am serious when I tell you that adult life isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. What are you going to be studying in college?&rdq...

Chapter 4

The school bell rang loudly in Daisy’s still half-asleep ears. She was not looking forward to school. She wanted to be on the farm helping Randy tend to everything. That is something she could handle. She liked school but as a senior, she was ready to be finished. The night’s conversation and everything she learned about what happened over a decade ago, still played in her mind. She couldn’t imagine anyone doing something so sinister and for it to have happened to her mom was just crazy...

Chapter 5

The next day at school, Billy sat next to Daisy at lunch. “How do they even qualify this as food? Billy asked her. “I thought when you got to your senior year, they would have better food.” He said as he picked up his rectangular piece of pizza. “I thought pizza slices were always triangles.”

Daisy laughed. “No, they have pretty much always been rectangles since elementary school here. Were they triangles at the school you moved from?”

“I almost...

Chapter 6

“Can I help you son?” Buck asked walking up to him.

Billy was nervous and seemed to be upset.

 “I’m just here to see Daisy, sir. My, my name is Billy.” he stammered, as he stuck his hand out to shake Buck’s. 

Buck shook his hand and held eye contact with him. “So, this is Billy.” he thought. He seemed familiar but couldn’t place where he has seen him, 

“What’s up, Billy?” Daisy asked coming up b...

Chapter 7

Daisy and Violet clipped, trimmed, and wrapped flowers all morning Saturday. They are planning on having a sale to help move out the rest of the summer flowers before they perished so they have to be perfect. 

“You’re doing a great job, Daisy. Seems like you picked up that green thumb from your mom after all.” Violet said excitedly. 

Daisy looked at her creation and smiled. “Yeah, I guess I did, huh.”

“How is everything with your granddaddy&...

Chapter 8

Katie excused herself to the restroom almost immediately and Buck followed her. Randy was setting at the table quietly.


“I’m sorry, did I say something wrong?” Billy asked, upset that he had offended Katie somehow.

“No, you didn’t, son,” Randy said as reassuring as he could. “Can you tell me anything else about your dad? I know he never inquired about you and you haven’t even heard a word about him until recently.” 

Chapter 9

Katie and Buck met with Randy the next morning at his house after Daisy left for school. They had to sit down and figure this out.

"Well, I did some digging," Randy said, "Tate is still in jail, there is no word of when he will get out, as he shouldn't at all from what the judge ordered in court that day. The only way he could be contacting Billy's mom is by phone call. The calls cost him a dollar per minute so they can't be lengthy. Just a straight to the point conversation."

"What should we...

Chapter 10

School was long the next day for both Daisy and Billy. It almost seemed as if every word the teacher said was mumbled much like that of the teacher on Charlie Brown. They were both contemplating on what would happen if a meeting did happen with Tate. Billy more so than Daisy. Daisy has played and replayed every word she's been told about what happened with her mom. How scared her mom must've been and how alone she must've felt in all of that. She doesn't know if she would be able to handle something like...

Chapter 11

Randy sat at the kitchen table pecking away at his laptop, a gift from Katie with a cute note attached that said, “Time to join the twentieth-century dad, love you.” He had Daisy teach him how to use it and he has almost become a pro at it. He was searching for fairs close to them but was struggling to find any. “What is wrong with this world?” he said out loud to himself. “No fairs? That’s what’s wrong, people don’t have fun anymore. All work, no play.&rdq...

Chapter 12

The phone rang loudly that morning. Matt fumbled around trying to find it, eyes half open and mind still asleep. Finally, he grabbed it and pushed all the buttons he could to make it be quiet.

"Hello?" he mustered groggily

"Oh my goodness, are you still asleep?" Katie asked in her normal chipper tone. "It's after seven in the morning, you're wasting the day away."

He was taken aback by her voice on the other end of the phone. They've kept in touch over the years. She went to his wedding...

Chapter 13

I talked to Matt today," Katie said to Buck that night as they were laying in bed.

Buck rolled over to face her." Really? How is he and the family doing?"

"They seem to be doing well. I was an idiot and forgot abut the time zones when I called him first thing this morning and it turns out that our first thing in the morning is still their middle of the night." Bucked laughed heartily at that.

"Right?" Katie began again. "So then when he called me back this afternoon and asked me how th...

Chapter 14

The day at the farm was hot. Chores seemed to take a little longer. Buck couldn't shake what Katie had told him earlier this morning, and although she didn't really elaborate on anything, he knew what she was feeling. He remembers being in the courtroom too. He remembers the look on Tate's face as he spoke. You could almost feel the evil exuding from him as you sat across from him. He carried no regret or remorse for anything he did. Buck knows that he would've done it again. The things that happened, yo...

Chapter 15

Katie was quiet the rest of the evening. When she did the dishes, she didn’t sing or play music, just silence. She walked upstairs after everything was done, brushed her teeth, and put on her pajamas. She turned on the tv after she laid down but only for the noise. Her favorite thing to do when she is upset is to read. She’s probably read volumes of books by now. Buck remembers. Hard days, she always had her nose in a book. Katie says they take her out of her present situation and transports ...

Chapter 16

The officer gave him a blank stare. "Stevens, huh?" the officer questioned. "Just sign in here and put your relation to the inmate."

Billy's hands shook even harder as he wrote those three letters down. "Son." Being his son after learning what he did still felt weird. But he's got to cope with it and pull himself together.

"Stevens," the officer said as he went to Tate's cell. "Visitor."

Tate was taken aback. "Visitor? I haven't had a visitor in here, who is coming to see me?" The offi...

Chapter 17

Billy went straight to Daisy's after he went home and talked to his mom about his visit with Tate. His mom was not surprised about anything. Her only reply was, "Yeah, he wasn't anything like that at first. I guess they never are. It isn't until you are with them a little longer that the crazy side comes out if they have one. Of course with your dad, he was a tad off anyways. Nothing major, mind you, but kinda quirky, fidgety, nervous. I should've known honestly. But I got you out of the deal so that's f...

Chapter 18

They all sat around the table talking about the parole hearing. 

“I haven’t even gotten anything from them,” Katie said, “Shouldn’t I get something letting me know there is going to be one, I mean, after all I am the victim?” 

“Who knows, Katie,” Randy chimed in. “This could all be lies. He’s is saying these things knowing that Billy will come back here and tell us. It could just be his way of making you afraid and controll...

Chapter 19

That week went by pretty uneventfully. Things were going by pretty steady with Katie's work and her article was coming along nicely. Buck was keeping things going on the farm, and Daisy was doing well at both school and working at the store with Violet.

"I can't wait mom,"Daisy said as she helped her dry the dishes after dinner. "Next weekend, we will be flying out to California. Pretty slick of you for saying that you have a source to finish your article out there. It gave you the perfect out to b...

Chapter 20

Katie was sitting at the kitchen table with a notebook and pens laid out making sure all the necessary preparations are written down.

"Katie," Buck yelled from upstairs, "Do you know where my razors are at?"

"I already packed them, honey." Katie yelled back up to Buck.

"You guys had two weeks to prepare and you waited until the last day, huh?" Randy asked as he sipped his coffee."I've already been packed." he snickered.

"Yes dad, Daisy has been packed for two days." Katie said as...

Chapter 21

Tate paced back and forth in his cell. He kept replaying what the lawyer had told him. "Two months, I can't even think about being in here another two months, I've been in here for years. I have to get out sooner." He already knew what he wanted to do. He just had to choose the right time and have it all work out the way he wants it.

Buck looked over at Katie who had dozed off while reading her book. She never could get through two or three chapters before nodding off. He's asked her before, how it...

Chapter 22

They got to Matt's after a short drive from the airport. He had a beautiful colonial with columns in the front near the door. The front door was a beautiful rustic red color adorned with flowers and a pretty, colorful wreath. Grace was outside, anxiously awaiting them. Grace is so pretty. She's taller than Katie with long auburn hair that she meticulously curls everyday, or that she can tell from pictures. She has perfectly white, straight teeth just like Matt. They just look like they were made for each...

Chapter 23

The next day was brimming with excitement. Up early for breakfast and coffee and then off to fair. "Are you guys excited?" Matt asked out of sarcasm as they sat at the table.

"Duh," Daisy said, taking a bite of her French toast. "I've not ever been to one. This will be great!"

"They started putting flyers out not too long ago," Grace said as she sat at the table. "I know now why you guys wanted to go. It does seem fun."

"Haven't you ever been to one?" Randy asked.

"No, not even as...

Chapter 24

He's still breathing but it's shallow." Officer Montgomery said as he knelt down beside Tate. "I think we need to call 9-1-1 and get him out of here. He has something going on for sure. He's not responding to pain stimuli or anything at this point. It's almost like he's in a coma." They called over the radio to have an ambulance sent to the jail. All of the other inmates at this point, knew something was going on. Loud voices yelled, echoing throughout the jail. "Hang on, Tate." an inmate yelled from hi...

Chapter 25

Tate woke up the next morning cold and shivering. The damp cave offered little comfort and only did its job of hiding him. Now, he needs to find a new place. "Those hounds will be here any minute I know it. I'm surprised they haven't been already. If I get hauled back to prison, I'll spend the rest of my life there, no question." He said. The sun warmed him as he ran. He suddenly remembered where he was at. "These are my old stomping grounds." he laughed. "They''ll never find me now, suckers." Just off t...

Chapter 26

They got in late that night and went straight to bed. Daisy left her book bag in the car and never got the message that Billy left her the day before. They had breakfast and had showers and were off on a day long excursion for relaxation and girl time. The boys stayed home and had snacks, watched tv and played outside in the sandbox and all the dirt they could find. Randy just sat on the porch and laughed. "All of y'all are going to need like three showers to get all that off. I bet Grace doesn't want to...

Chapter 27

Billy heard his phone ringing from the living room. It's Daisys ringtone. "Damnit, I need that phone. If she's calling me, she's on the plane back here. It's too dangerous for them to come back now."

Tate went through the whole house. From one room to the next he yelled her name.

"Cassandra, where are you my lovely? I have your boy, I mean, our boy."

Billy heard him open the basement door and hoped he would go downstairs. Then he could break for the living room and get his phone and c...

Chapter 28

Cassandra screamed as he grabbed both she and Billy and drug them inside, all the groceries fell onto the ground and the car door stood wide open. 

“Now, this is what’s going to happen. You two are going to sit here and shut up. Don’t make a sound, do you understand me? Not a freaking word.” They nodded silently.

Cassandra and Billy held onto each other as tightly as possible staring at Tate. 

“ At this point, I have nothing to lose. If I go back ...

Chapter 29

“What a sad ending to such a sad life.” Billy said to Daisy as they stood looking at where the county buried Tate.

There of course wasn’t any life insurance and the only family Tate had was Billy. So for those, the county has a large plot of land they put people.

“I’m sorry it had to end that way.” Daisy said, rubbing Billy’s back. “I know it hasn’t been the easiest since you’ve been here but maybe now, we can put all of this behind ...

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