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from Forbidden Desires-Sequel to Desires of the Heart by Tiffany S. Doran

Copyright © 2019–2020 Tiffany S. Doran

Chapter 14

The day at the farm was hot. Chores seemed to take a little longer. Buck couldn't shake what Katie had told him earlier this morning, and although she didn't really elaborate on anything, he knew what she was feeling. He remembers being in the courtroom too. He remembers the look on Tate's face as he spoke. You could almost feel the evil exuding from him as you sat across from him. He carried no regret or remorse for anything he did. Buck knows that he would've done it again. The things that happened, you just can't forget. Still yet, he wishes that he knew a way to help her. Randy walked up to the barn door where Buck was, shaking him from his thoughts.

"How about we call it a day?" Randy said with a smile.

"Sounds good to me boss, I'm ready." Buck said as he propped the shovel up against the wall.

They walked out to where the horses were trotting around the enclosure and leaned up against the fence.

"You know, Buck, I still can't believe we did all this together." Randy said as looked across the vast fields and rows of grapes waiting to be harvested.

"Yeah boss, to be honest, all those years ago, I thought you were a crazy man. Putting a vineyard out here," he laughed as he shook his head, "I thought you really had flipped your lid. Turns out though, I was wrong."

"This whole place is my life." Randy said looking at Buck. "I have all the memories of Katie as a young girl breaking horses and digging her first hole to plant seeds," his voice began to crack. "Memories of me and my precious Abigail."

Buck reached over and put his hand on Randy's shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

"I know boss, I know."

"I guess that's why it's so hard to give it up, turn it loose." Randy said.

Buck knew what he was feeling. He cut his teeth on that farm too. That farm turned him into who is today. That farm brought him his stability, discipline, his wife and family.

"Well, I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to work here." Buck smiled. "It really has changed my life and for all the better. But remember, even when it comes...

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