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from Forbidden Desires-Sequel to Desires of the Heart by Tiffany S. Doran

Copyright © 2019–2020 Tiffany S. Doran

Chapter 9

Katie and Buck met with Randy the next morning at his house after Daisy left for school. They had to sit down and figure this out.

"Well, I did some digging," Randy said, "Tate is still in jail, there is no word of when he will get out, as he shouldn't at all from what the judge ordered in court that day. The only way he could be contacting Billy's mom is by phone call. The calls cost him a dollar per minute so they can't be lengthy. Just a straight to the point conversation."

"What should we do about Billy, dad?" Katie asked.

"That's up to you and Buck, really. I can't make that call. That's a delicate line to tread. Can you really hold him accountable for what a man he doesn't even know did years ago?"

"No, you're right, that wouldn't be fair, Randy." Buck said as he sipped his coffee.

"I just never thought we would have to hash all this out again," Katie said as she placed her head in her hands. "He's like a cockroach. They never truly go away do they?"

Randy laughed. "Well peach, the best thing you can do is stay strong in all of this. Tate is in jail. He is going to stay in jail until he leaves this world. Billy is innocent in all this. He didn't ask for a maniac for a father, it just happened. His mom is probably embarrassed by the whole mess and that's why she didn't tell him. She is also probably trying to protect him from all the ridicule he would get and all the hate, that is meant for his dad."

"Yes, could you imagine how people would treat him in this town if word got out that he is Tate's son? We still have older folks in town that was here when all that went down. They wouldn't let up on him." Buck said shaking his head.

"Yeah and to a eighteen year o...

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