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from Forbidden Desires-Sequel to Desires of the Heart by Tiffany S. Doran

Copyright © 2019–2020 Tiffany S. Doran

Chapter 4

The school bell rang loudly in Daisy’s still half-asleep ears. She was not looking forward to school. She wanted to be on the farm helping Randy tend to everything. That is something she could handle. She liked school but as a senior, she was ready to be finished. The night’s conversation and everything she learned about what happened over a decade ago, still played in her mind. She couldn’t imagine anyone doing something so sinister and for it to have happened to her mom was just crazy talk. She felt as if it should have been a movie rather than real life. But it was real life. She felt a little uneasy which is why she knew and agreed with them not telling her all those years ago. She couldn’t imagine how it must feel to be her mom trying to live in the same place after that happened. No doubt it was scary walking back into Robert’s store the first time. Not to mention the sideways glances she must’ve gotten. She was proud of her mom’s tenacity. She was glad her mom came away from that unscathed minus a bruise on her face and her daddy survived being shot, as well as surviving the memories of that which happened. But what an awesome story her parents had to be able to tell about how they fell in love and how they knew they were meant to be together. 


“Maybe one day I will have someone risk life and limb to save me like that.” she pondered to herself. She hoped so anyways. Not that she necessarily wants to be in that position, mind you.


Katie and Buck are not looking forward to that. They know however, that time will come, and she will bring a boy home to meet them. Katie will be more receptive to it than Buck.

The first day of school ended as quick as it seemed to start. Daisy was walking home after school, tired from the days rigorous schedule and learning all her classes and where they all would be. She had almost made it to the stop sign before getting home and a voice caught her attention.


“Wait up, Daisy!” Billy yelled from behind.


Billy was new in school. He has every class with her except for science. They met at lunch that day when she sat down with him when she noticed he was eating alone. He ws quiet and shy but pleasent.


“Hey Billy,” Daisy said smiling. “Do you go home this way, too?”

“No, I actually live the opposite way.” he said pointing.

She looked at him confused. “Then why are you all the way this way?” she laughed.

“I just wanted to tell you thank you, you know, for sitting with the new kid in t...

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