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from Forbidden Desires-Sequel to Desires of the Heart by Tiffany S. Doran

Copyright © 2019–2021 Tiffany S. Doran

Chapter 1

It was a blissful day in the Calhoun home. The weather was once again warm, and the flowers were all growing around the farmhouse. Katie woke up to the rich aroma of her dad making coffee. She sat up in bed and stretched, trying to fully wake from her night’s sleep. Katie turned and placed her feet on the plush carpet as her dad made it up the stairs with her coffee and knocked on her door. She gave her half asleep greeting.


 “Yes?” She mumbled.


Randy opened the door with a chuckle. “Don’t you reckon you better wake up? You can’t get married sounding and looking like that.” 


Katie turned with a jerk. Married! That woke her up. “I’m getting married today to the greatest man in the world!” She exclaimed as she sprung from her bed, grabbed the cup of coffee from her dad, and kissed his cheek. 

“Yes peach, you sure are.” He smiled trying to hold back tears. 


Katie gave him a hug. “Don’t worry daddy, she said smiling, “I’ll always be your little girl.” 


Katie hopped in the shower, with butterflies of excitement twirling around in her stomach. Thoughts of the whole event spun through her mind as she dried her hair. The flowers, the people, the decorations. She can’t believe she is actually marrying her Prince Charming. At their rehearsal dinner, she couldn’t help but wonder how she had gotten so lucky. She was surrounded by her whole family and the love of her life sitting next to her, gripping her hand that she had laid on his knee under the table.


Buck is a little nervous, but all the same excited. 


“I bet he will be absolutely dreamy!” She said to herself as she threw on her joggers and a t-shirt. “But I will not cry.” she went on. 


Katie went downstairs and Mars came running up to her wagging his tail and panting.

“Good Morning, sir,” she said as she knelt down to pet him. “Me and your daddy are getting married today!” Mars continued to wag his tail with excitement as he knew what she was saying. 

 Katie walked to the kitchen and looked out the window over the sink. Outside, there were people tending to the garden and cleaning up for when the decorations arrived. They are getting married right outside the barn and the reception will be held inside. All the hay has been removed and the tables are already placed. Katie still can’t believe it is real. She has dealt with what happened very well. She has had Buck and her dad to help her through the scary times and laugh with her through the goods times. But once scene from her ordeal with Tate still plays over in her mind. 


“When I watched Buck fall after he was shot,” she told her dad one night as they sat on the porch out front, “I felt as if I had lost him forever, my heart literally sank and I regretted never realizing how much I loved him until I thought it was too late. Life without him is an impossibility. There isn’t anyone who can fill my heart as he does.”


“Well hun,” her dad said as he placed his hand on her knee, “I guess it’s a good thing you are going to marry him.”


“I wouldn’t have it any other way, daddy, I just wouldn’t. The night he asked me to marry him in the pouring rain was the best night of my life. Not only did I have him, but I could then have him forever.” Katie smiled. 


Just then, a knock at the door pulled her from her thoughts. Joe came by to help with the festivities.


“I heard someone is getting married today.” Joe said with a big smile as he came in the kitchen carrying flowers from F...

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