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from Waveborn by Mikayla Whitaker

Copyright © 2021 Mikayla Whitaker

Chapter 1

I slammed the door of my truck with more force than I intended as the rhythmic sound of my caution lights blinked a soft orange, shining stark against the deep blue hue of the truck's exterior. I cursed under my breath as I grabbed the spare tire and tools from the back of the truck, hurling it all over the side and rolling the tire over to the front near the driver's side. I sighed, dropping the toolbox with a loud thud as I followed after it, getting down on my hands and knees as I placed the jack under my truck—good thing my granny had taught me how to change a tire.

As I lifted the truck with the jack, several cars honked as they passed, and a few men let out shouts and whistles before I stomped hard onto the metal jack, hoping that soon, it would lift my truck enough so I couldn't be their entertainment. Once my vehicle was high enough, I grabbed the tools I needed from my toolbox and began the work on my flat tire. Luckily for me, the metal wheel of the tire wasn't dented, meaning all I needed to do was buy a new tire to replace the old one. As I went to work replacing the flat, I hummed, listening to the sound of my blinker, wondering how this setback would keep me from the precious time I had to get to my new home.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

A picturesque beach town nestled near the border of North Carolina, filled with miles of beautiful coastline. With nearly 35,000 residents who called it their home, I knew that this town would be big enough that I wouldn't feel so much like an outcast, but also small enough that it had a small town feel where everyone was genuine and gave everyone well-deserved respect.

After I was done replacing the flat, I flung the broken tire into my truck bed, along with my tools, and opened my driver's side door just as someone slowed down behind me, their caution lights blinking back at me as they parked their vehicle behind mine. Shielding my eyes from the hot sun, I shut my door just as the driver got out of the vehicle. I couldn't see the figure until they were a few feet away from me, and as they got closer, I felt my heart skip a beat as I recognized them. I found myself exiting the truck, hoping that whoever he was he wouldn’t murder me on the side of the road just hours from my new life on the coast. 

The man's ...

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