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from Love's Critical Ground by L.K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2017–2021 Lasrry K. Thompson

Chapter 6

2nd Infantry Division

Camp Casey

Spence and Mungo’s Co-meeting

Secure Room, Camp Casey, South Korea

0210 hours Sierra



Comment of the Moment: “Worse than that, much worse than that, how do they know about our newly formed detachment?”



After the members of Mungo’s team left the secure room, Spence and Harvey entered and seated themselves at the conference table. Mungo and Slover seated themselves across the table from them.

Mungo began, “Colonel, these secure rooms are swept daily. In the past, prior Intelligence staffs seldom ever have found spyware in these rooms. Tonight, however, we found about six devices that we have never found before. You’ve had an opportunity to see the ones we piled in a box out in the CQ area?”

“Yes. That was an impressive collection. When others have found spyware, is that number of pieces an unusual number?”

“Colonel, it’s fucking unheard of. On top of that, this time, we’ve found a couple of new devices.”

“How’s that?”

“One of the listening devices, the one we told you about, was a new device to us, and it was one that even when you think you have disabled it by dropping it in water, it boils away the water and resumes transmitting again. It’s powered by its propinquity to a small solar array.”

“Sounds like someone is determined to hear what we have planned.”

“Not only that, sir, but in the other secure room, the ashtray was a recording and transmitting device.”

With the hairs rising on the back of his neck, Spence asked, “What ashtray?”

“The ashtray that was in the other secure room.”

“We didn’t have an ashtray in our secure room. Harvey and I wanted one, but we couldn’t find one.””

Mungo paused in thought for a few seconds. He said, “You say the ashtray wasn’t there when you went in there at first. Then, after the alert, and after the new cleaning woman had been here, there was an ashtray placed there? The new cleaning woman is the only other person who’s been in there today. So, now we know for sure the new cleaning woman was a spy.”

Spence asked, “You’re sure Wilson didn’t put it there?”

Mungo paused, “With all due respect, sir, whatever your disagreement with him is, he’s not fucking likely to do that.”

Spence shrugged and said, “Okay, I get your point. We need to get a description of that cleaning woman so that if she ever comes back, we’ll have her. We need to get it to the South Korean Intelligence Service. What do you think, Captain?”

Harvey agreed, “I think you’re right. But thi...

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