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from P.S. by Liberty Henwick

Chapter 15

The next morning Jenni carefully applied a dark red shade of lipstick called vixen, which seemed appropriate for her new mood. At work Tumi greeted her with her usual cheerful, yet regal demeanor, ‘Howzit Jen my dear, how’s Cape Town? So divine hey! I’m going down for New Years this year. Is that Mac? Very sexy!’ She was looking at Jenni’s mouth.

‘Oh, yes it’s from an old range, I haven’t worn it for ages.’

Jenni said hi to Sanelle as she came into the office, she was absorbed by her work although she looked up at greeted Jenni briefly in reply. Ayesaha looked more stressed than usual as she’d picked up some of Jenni’s slack over the past two days. Jenni sat down to open her e-mails and found several new letters addressed to Ms Forthright but still nothing from Goodlord. She intended to visit her local police station that evening after work to inquire about her car and any other news relating to Frank’s murder. Marc had said he would come too. Perhaps she may even ask about how to progress with Goodlord.

She flicked through the agony aunt letters from the past week to select a handful so that she could compose responses for the next issue of the magazine. There were the usual and often dire crises of the contemporary South African young woman; ‘how do I tell my boyfriend/mum/dad I’m pregnant?’ ‘My boyfriend has just told me he has AIDS, will I have it now too?’ ‘I was raped but I can’t tell anyone.’ These stories tugged at Jenni’s heart, she may have a couple of years’ university psychology under her belt but she felt in no way equipped to deal with some of the more tragic issues. It was a tough call picking sensational letters for the sake of magazine sales over her own feelings of inadequacy with dealing with the severity of damage to these young women’s lives. As a consequence she had built up a list of professional resources to refer the more serious problem cases to.

Just then Tumi came into the office, she was carrying an envelope, the same shade of pink as the previous one. ‘Jenni I forgot to give this to you when you came in, another one from our post box’.

Jenni looked at the hand written address on the envelope, it was the same handwriting as before and she thanked Tumi. She looked across towards Sanelle then and caught her glance away and return to her earnest typing. Jenni looked down at the letter and carefully peeled open the flap.

Dear Mrs Forsythe

I sent you a letter before but thankfully you haven’t published it in the magazine yet. You don’t need to publish it anymore because I am not having the same problems with my boyfriend now. I have new problems with him now because he has died. The new problem is I think it might be my fau...

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