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from A Test of Loyalty by Laurie Stewart

Part 11
Ashleigh and Faraj

I jiggled up and down on my toes; my grandfather would’ve said I had ants in my pants. I grimaced, the thought of anything in my pants right now made me feel sick.
What was taking white girl so long; she said she knew where the money was. I wondered if she’d been lying to me.
What would Mrs. Hunter do if she came up and found me here? What if white girl took the money and went out the back door? Money missing and a native hanging out alone in the apartment meant only one thing. I’d be joining my dad in jail. Well, not quite, I knew they didn’t put teenage girls in the men’s prison… but that just reminded me of what Jeff was after again.
I felt cold and anxious, and wanted to get to Carrie’s for the grass. That would calm me down, and then maybe I could think of how to survive until mom got sick of Jeff’s lying and stealing.
All I probably needed was another month or two. They were starting to fight all the time, so she’d throw him out soon. I just wished she’d believed me when I started to tell her what he was up to. But she was hurting for her fix and he always had stuff. So she sided with him. My fault. I should’ve thought to wait until after she was high.
What the hell was taking so long? Did she want her mother to catch us?

I kicked my heels impatiently against the wooden legs of Fadi’s sofa. He was in a mee...

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