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from A Test of Loyalty by Laurie Stewart

Part 10
Samantha and Ashleigh

I couldn’t believe my mother! How dare she just brush me off like a five year old? Neither she nor Faraj’s grandmother wanted to hear anything I was saying about Ash. They’d rather keep talking about whatever stupid thing they were on about, than hear about some real problems. Well, screw them; I could look after it myself. Jeff wouldn’t dare touch me.
I stomped back through the downstairs hallway to the rear door. I hoped Ash was still there. She had to call the police, rape was a serious crime. Jeff would be put in jail for a long time. Long enough for Ash to get away from here, anyway. I ignored the little voice that asked where she could go, university? Medical school?

Ash was standing near the edge of the dumpster, well, almost standing. She was hunched over, like her ribs hurt. Somehow she looked worse standing there, bravely trying to look like there was nothing wrong, than she had all curled up and crying.
I walked over slowly. I was scared, how could I fix this? I’m fifteen years old, who am I kidding? I needed to get my mom. But just then Ash looked up with such pain and hope in her face. I couldn’t walk away again, not even to grab my mom.

Things get deeper

She was back! She didn’t just walk away. But she ...

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