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Laurie Stewart lives on a hobby farm in rural Ontario (Canada) with the love of her life, a small black cat, and a huge white Yeti who thinks he’s a lap cat. She writes medieval fantasy, urban fantasy and gritty YA dramatic fiction.

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Coming of Age
Mechanicsville book 3
by Laurie Stewart

taking place immediately after book 2, Ashleigh is finding her purpose, and realizing that life doesn't have to be hard. Samantha is realizing that even bugs grow, so what's wrong with her. Maybe everything she knows about herself is wrong. Faraj confronts his demons and has to choose between idolizing his late mother, and the family who are raising him. Age 14+ strong language, sexual situations "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Lift one shoulder and drop it, keep your face expressionless, show nothing.

“I asked you the boy’s name, isn’t he a friend of yours? Aren’t you worried about him?” Officer Hound was living up to his nickname, big, sad brown eyes, ...

Young Adult
A Test of Loyalty: Mechanicsville book 1
by Laurie Stewart

I highly recommend you have your teens read A Test of Loyalty by Laurie Stewart." Gale S. Isolation... you can feel alone in the most crowded places. Change... it's the only thing you can count on. Loyalty.... who deserves yours? Told in first person, this is the story of three teenagers growing up in Mechanicsville, a bad neighbourhood in Canada's capital. Surrounded by drugs, sexual assault, poverty, and peer pressure. Separated by race, religion, and distrust, they must learn to trust each other. When the unthinkable happens, what changes can they survive? "Sounds interesting!"

Part 1


We moved on a Saturday in late August. I hated the place from the moment the U-Haul pulled up. I couldn’t believe how filthy it was; there was graffiti everywhere, even on the steps. At the bottom, they sunk into the ground lea...

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