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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 22

Remy and Talia approached the large white oak doors to the entrance of the council hall. These doors were old and ornately carved depicting the history of the ancients and the elementus. For some reason she didn’t notice them when she was here before. Remy made a mental note to come and look at these more closely if she ever had a chance.

The doors swung open slowly, allowing them entrance into the large cavelike room that resembled a courtroom. Remy began to walk into the room slowly and timidly; moving closer to Talia as she walked. About halfway into the room, Remy remembered her promise to herself. That she would be confident and fight to stay where she knew she belonged. Her posture straightened and she dared to make eye contact with each council member as she came closer. To her surprise, they actually looked more at ease. A few even dressed more casually this time around. Confusion began to grow and curiosity overtook her fear. She expected some sort of inquisition and to be cast out. Her lifting mood was instantly replaced by fear again when she made eye cont...

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