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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 2

Remy is leaning on the passenger door with her cheek pressed against the warm glass; her eyes closed letting the sun warm her face. This was happiness, she was going on an adventure with her best friend. She listened to Kara’s cheerful singing, Kara has a beautiful voice and loves to sing. She cracks her eyes open and tilts her head to look at her sister. Twins yet so different, where she favors their native American mother in coloring, her sister favors their Irish father. Weird, because they are identical and look the same except for some reason her sister’s hair is a shade lighter and redder where she is dark brown with auburn highlights her sister is light brown with copper hues. Kara has the same hazel eyes, but Remy thinks they look better on her sister. Kara is the more athletic twin, well she must be she is a cop, and a damn good one.

'I am so proud of her, how she is always thinking of others first and cares about this world so much' Remy thinks as she gazes at her sister.

Kara’s song cuts off as she bursts out laughing. She looks sideways at Remy.

“What are you looking at? creeper”

That comment gets them both laughing, Kara is always teasing Remy. They just have that kind of relationship, they are incredibly close, almost so close that they can feel each other’s moods.

“I am not a creeper; just happy you want me to go with you”

“why wouldn’t I want you with me, you’re my best friend. We’re all the family we got, we have to stick together”


Remy throws her hand out to stop the incessant beeping coming from her alarm clock. She drapes her arm over her face and keeps her eyes squeezed shut trying to keep the last image of her smiling sister. She rolls over and sighs as a tear makes its way down her cheek and onto the bed sheet

Kara I miss you so much

She looks around the empty room, and pulls herself out of bed. Shuffling over to the bathroom, she tries o push down the sadness as she starts to get ready for the day.

Standing at her closet she looks through her wardrobe.

what to wear.

She mutters to herself as she starts to push clothes aside. It jumps out to her just then, she sees the perfect item to wear on a day like this. Nostalgia ,about her sister, on her mind she pulls out the aquamarine sleeveless pencil skirt dress.

This is perfect. This is Kara’s favorite color.

She dresses and hastily pulls a comb through her hair. She applies a little mascara and stands straight to inspect the final look.

Not bad, if I say so myself.

She grabs her keys and heads out to work.

Walking into the office, she smiles and greets Shirley.

“Good morning, Shirley”.

“Good morning Remy, don’t you look nice today dear”

“Why thank you, my sister loves this color, so I picked it out for...

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