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from Frienemies by Aleta Kay

Copyright © 2017–2020 Aleta Kay Dye

Chapter Twenty

Tommy and Joey finally had a chance to go back to the mound of dirt they had discovered a few days earlier. There was no mound there now, only a deep empty hole.

“Somebody stole our treasure,” Tommy wailed.

“It wasn’t our treasure,” his older brother replied.

“Well,” Tommy sniffed, “it would have been. What do we do now?”

“Go home and put the tools back.”

“Mom will skin us if she finds out.” Tommy was kicking his toe at the edge of the hole.

Joey, ever the practical brother, reminded Tommy that they would have been in trouble anyway if they got caught putting the tools back, even if there had been anything in the hole.

The two trudged home, Tommy feeling defeated, and Joey feeling relieved. He had never had a good feeling about that hole. It had been too much out in the open, and too large to be buried treasure. Sure it had been buried in the shade of a tree, in the middle of a meadow, and it was out in the country. It still didn’t seem like a good place for buried treasure.


It was late afternoon before sheriff Clyde Bonnell arrived. Deputy Dewey was busy with other matters. Clyde knocked on the door of the Jackson home and Nana opened the door. She only needed one cane today as the weather cleared.

Clyde pulled up a chair and sat next to the end of the couch. “Nana, I hear tell you’ve had some trouble out here.”


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