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from Frienemies by Aleta Kay

Copyright © 2017–2020 Aleta Kay Dye

Chapter Fifty-Two

Fawn arrived back at the Gardner residence with mixed feelings. The Wileys had agreed to let her board her horse there. She herself would spend the first month at their home. They had enough room for Nana as well, but she knew Nana would not want to stay with them. She was already champing at the bit to be back in her own home. “I kin git along by myself,” she kept insisting.

She entered the house, and as usual, was greeted by two baby bear hugs from Melanie and Sarah Beth. After the hugs she hung her shawl and hat on the coat rack next to the door.

The voices of Nana and Ellen emanated from the kitchen, drawing Fawn like a bee to a flower. The aromas of coffee and fresh-baked cookies wafted to her pert nose. “Mmmmm, smells like peanut butter cookies.” She covered the distance to the kitchen table in three unladylike strides. “May I have one?” she asked as her hand reached for the plate.

“No. You may have three.” Ellen laughed at the look on Fawn’s face when she heard the word ‘no’.

Moans of savoring pleasure escaped Fawn’s lips as she hugged Nana and Ellen. She didn’t speak until she had finished the first cookie. As she took the first bite of the second one she ambled to the stove to see what was cooking. “Is this your famous stewed chicken?”

Ellen’s laughter was contagious. Everyone was laughing except Fawn, who was too busy enjoying the smell of the meal cooking on the stove. “I don&rs...

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