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from Frienemies by Aleta Kay

Copyright © 2017–2020 Aleta Kay Dye

Chapter Forty-Four
An Unseemly Situation

Fawn awakened with a start, momentarily disoriented. Where was she? Where was Midnight Sun? She shook her head to clear the cobwebs. The action made her feel slightly dizzy. Of course, she reminded herself; she had not had much to eat. Her stomach growled at the thought of food. She was also thirsty.

She stood up and stretched, and almost lost her balance. Steadying herself, she looked up at the sky to determine the time. The sun was already high in the delft blue sky. About noon, she guessed, maybe a little later. She walked to the river, scooped some water in her hands and drank deeply. Then she wandered around looking for food as she recalled the events of the previous day. Oh, yes, the rain had come, which explained her damp clothes, and the lightning had spooked Sun and he had run off. Well, he would be safe at home, but how was she going to get back? It would be a long walk, probably four or five miles to her old home place. She had better find food quickly and be on her way.


Where would Fawn go? Jason asked himself. She loved nature and being near the water. He remembered there was a dirt road that led through the holler and down to the Bluestone River. That seemed the most likely place to look. Or had she perhaps ridden over to Angel’s house? Fawn trusted Angel implicitly. But why would she go there? If Fawn ran off, he reasoned, it was to get away from everyone. “Lord, please keep her safe and help me find her. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

White fluffy clouds were developing a tinge of gray on the bottom. Haze dimmed the sun’s brightness. The wind soughed through the trees a little harder. Another spring rain was imminent. Best get moving. He kicked Nomad’s sides and leaned over the animal’s neck. Quarter horses could only run at top speed for a quarter of a mile before the need to slow down would take over. They would have to run in sprints to get Fawn back to Midnight Sun before the deluge started. Of course, once he had her seated behind him, it would take a little longer. Perhaps he should have brought her horse with him. I thought he would have slowed me down, Jason thought. Too late to do anything about it now.


Wild berry bushes grew in a thicket behind a forest a...

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