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from Girl and the Ghost by Kripi

Chapter 6

Krisp opened up her eyes and found herself on her bed. She looked here and there around her but there was no one. She thought she was dreaming. She woke up and went to the kitchen to confirm if it was really a dream. She found that kitchen was all set, all the things on right place, clean and clear. 

"Who has done this ? Kitchen was so messy when mom left the house in urgency and I didn't clean anything than who did this ? It was not a dream, there was someone in the house.", she whispered to herself. 

Suddenly a voice came, "Krisp! Krisp! dear are you there in the kitchen?"

Her mom was looking for her in her bedroom and asking from there loudly.

She replied, "Mom! you're here. When did you came back? And how you entered the house, it was locked from inside? Were you found door opened?"

"No baby, door was locked. I have the duplicate keys. But tell me one thing what were you doing? Are you alright? I found you in t...

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