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from The Brightest Firefly by Dacia M Arnold

A Love Denied

A Love Denied






I enjoy a nice cozy romance every now and then, but very little of my stories have anything to do with relationships. To date you will not even find a single sex scene in my books. They make me nervous and I am always self-conscious of what my friends and family would think of my take on contemporary love. Here is my PG, gushy little love scene.


She noticed his blatant staring from the corner of her eye, but ignored him. The factory workers who stopped at the small supermarket for their lunch on the way to work often gawked at the city girl picking up eggs and milk for the day.

“I would catcall you, but you know how to kill people.”

Pretending not to hear him, she continued her path into the store. Hush fell over the patrons as she passed, eyes forward, never down.

Now, who in their right mind? She thought, a smirk playing at the corner of her mouth. Her resumé was no secret in this place. Hell, the town was so small they knew about her entire life before she even unhitched the moving trailer. Ten years of military service and a failed marriage brought this Denver girl back to Morganfield, Kentucky.

But that voice had no accent. No southern drawl. She should have looked. Hopefully he was gone before she finished.

“Cash, check, or debit, sweetie?”

“Cash, Ms. Sue. Always cash.”

A set of muscles wearing a hat started bagging her groceries.

“Oh, I have my own bags. Please. Use these.”

She fought with the bundle to release a single bag for him. She held it out avoiding eye contact. Muscles in hats rarely needed more attention than she was willing to give. Waiting long enough to realize he was not taking the bag from her she set it down and looked back at Ms. Sue for help.

“Honey, he don’t work here.”

Heat rose up her neck to her cheeks and she prayed she could leave before the hives became more evident.

The hat-wearing pile of muscle also had a smile. A familiar one.

“You’re either going to help me, or let me do it myself.”

The man laughed, accepted her discarded bag, and continued working.

Anna stared at him, unable to rationalize this man finding her in the haystack of nowhere Kentucky.

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