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from BlackWater by C S Caspar

Copyright © 2019–2021 C S Caspar

Chapter 1


In the early hours of the morning, while it was still dark. A black Cadillac pulled into the Sydney Memorial Hospital car park. Two men wearing long black coats, dark sunglasses, and black hats exited their vehicle and entered the building. No one noticed as they walked through the halls making their way to the maternity ward. Here, they found the night nurse quietly reading a magazine. She lifted her head as the two men passed, but she didn’t see them. A moment later, her eyes felt heavy; the magazine slid from her hand, and she fell asleep.

The men-in-black passed row-upon-row of glass cradles where newborns slept quietly. When they reached a little boy at the end of the room, one of them picked up the child. The other removed a tiny round gold box from inside his jacket. He opened it and a blue Orb no bigger than a marble floated into his hand. The child did not stir from his sleep when the Orb vaporized and entered his nostrils.

Placing the baby back into its cradle, both men left the room, and unseen made their way back to the Cadillac.


The dark abyss was fading. Marty, returning to his body and earth, opened dark blue eyes, he blinked a few times; his mind reaching for gravity and the efforts of life. Short moments passed while staring at the high white ceiling above. His thoughts probing for the moments before the attack. However, he was distracted as a sharp pain seared through his body rousing the servant of a cold chill. His back ached and his legs felt stiff, whilst short tight breaths bypassed the painful pressure seizing his chest.

A throbbing head beat rhythms of awakening and he managed to raise it, ever so slowly. His attention drawn to the large dagger still fixed deep in his chest. Groaning, he dropped his head back to the floor and it hit the hard tile with a thump. Marty cursed before steeling himself for what he needed to do next....

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