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Shadows Retreat: Sequel to Waters of Salvation
by Robert Jepson

Follow Mike as he leaves the Army and lays the foundations for a new career. He forms a strong relationship with his long lost father but this comes under strain as his father takes on a contract with McLeod again. Ghosts of the past still haunt him, and he holds one secret of which he cannot speak. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

The summer sky filled with dark clouds and a sudden deluge of rain pounded the parade ground causing a river of water. Mike switched the windscreen wipers to maximum speed as the rain pummeled the roof of his car like someone tipping frozen peas into a pan. He recal...

Chapter 2

“That’s it, I’m a civilian!”

Hannah threw her arms around Mike’s neck in the foyer of the hotel.

“Oh, baby, I can’t believe it. After all these years, you’re home for good. Shall we check out and head home?”...

Chapter 3

On the journey home from Edinburgh Mike opened up under stimulation from the drink and the excitement of a new future, free from his responsibilities in the Army. 

“I’ve got so much to do, honey.” 

“You’ll have ple...

Chapter 4

The following day, Hannah left early for work and the kids went off to school; Mike was left alone with his thoughts.

It was just sinking in now, that he had left the Army for good, and he was having difficulty coming it terms with it. It hadn’t come up ...

Chapter 5

Mike left the boat in the late afternoon to take a long walk in the countryside. Again, it was a time of reflection. After his emotional episode on the boat, he knew he had to get his head straight. He couldn’t go on bringing up thoughts of Rebecca.

She had been in reg...

Chapter 6

The weekend came around and the weather was fair, as the forecast had predicted. There was only Mike and his dad, Greg had an important soccer fixture and Hannah was busy with the shop. Katie enjoyed sailing occasionally, but only went when her mum did.


Chapter 7

Mike was motivated to pursue his new career. His first task was to contact the Warrior Program and Combat Stress, two charities which helped armed forces personnel and veterans when they faced difficult circumstances.

Mike had used, and was still using, the se...

Chapter 8

Over the past months, Robert McLeod had become a reclusive, bitter, and twisted individual. Living alone, he had dwelt constantly on the attempted burglary of his precious artifact by his arch rival Alistair Burton. The fact that he had gotten away Scot free irked h...

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