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from Shadows Retreat by Robert Jepson

Chapter 1

The summer sky filled with dark clouds and a sudden deluge of rain pounded the parade ground causing a river of water. Mike switched the windscreen wipers to maximum speed as the rain pummeled the roof of his car like someone tipping frozen peas into a pan. He recalled a quip common among his men, the difference between summer and winter in Scotland was that in summer the rain was warmer. He smiled.

His humour was short lived as he drove out of the barracks through the main gate. An old life had passed away and an ew one, with an unknown future, stretched out before him.

He had spent the day completing the formalities of leaving the army. He walked from office to office, signing forms, and then returned most of his kit, but was allowed to keep his dress uniform. The final task was the return of his ID card, one that he had held for 28 years and had the fortune never to have lost. The loss of an ID card was punished ...

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