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How to write the perfect novel

It's a writer's worst nightmare: spending the better part of a year (and often longer) writing a novel, only to publish it on Amazon and find out that readers are underwhelmed and the reviews are tepid.

Hi! I'm Timothy Pike, and I created ChapterBuzz to help writers avoid this very scenario.

ChapterBuzz is a community of writers and readers who share their works-in-progress, offer friendly feedback to each other, and fine tune their chapters until their novels are highly polished and ready to be published.

In this short guide, you'll get all my insider tips and also learn:
  • Why it's so important to receive feedback as you write, and how it can help you build confidence and write an excellent book
  • How to build your Feedback Circle—a group of readers and writers who will read your stories and offer helpful feedback
  • How to use the feedback you receive to improve your novel, and how to give feedback to other writers
...and much more!

    (.pdf, 228KB)

Happy writing,
Tim | About me

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