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About me

My name is Katie! I have always had a passion for literature and writing, but this is my first serious venture into book-writing. I am from Massachusetts, USA and love it here! I have no kids yet, but I have three cats and I hate them. <3

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The Unseelie Prince
by Kaitlyn Abdou

The Folk have never shied away from taking what they wanted. They have been known to steal people from their beds, to swap infants with changelings, to impregnate women they find beautiful. You can never trust them, though they cannot lie. If you eat their food, you become trapped with them forever. If you drink their wine, you become theirs. "Sounds interesting!

No chapters posted yet.

The Daffodil Witch
by Kaitlyn Abdou

A boy dreaming of an apprenticeship in magic. A powerful wizard with an unabashed taste for lechery. A beautiful sorceress with a secret. This book is in it's draft form, so feedback is ALWAYS welcome! "Sounds interesting!

No chapters posted yet.

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