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About me

Rick has lived in Florida for the last 33 years. ​He's originally from Boston​, and now married to the delightful ​author Cindy. ​She​ has just got​​ him involved with co-authoring the Rick and Cindy ​series of non-fiction books. ​

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How I lost a Thousand Pounds: Eating my way to better health
by Rick and Cindy Palmacci

Let’s face it folks, dieting has become a national pastime, just like baseball Sound familiar? Finally I found success. I lost over one hundred pounds "Sounds interesting!

Chapter 1
The Jouney

* 1 *The Journey

I think it’s important to let you know my history, so you can identify with the sixty years worth of struggles. As I did when reading diet books, I compared the author’s journey with my own. I can’t say how often they were similar. Maybe you will be nodding your ...

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