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About me

Engineer, artist, writer, adventurer, living on the Isle of Man. Robert has been writing for 5 years and is polishing a series of works ready for publishing by early 2020. Genres vary, but the style remains the same; adventure, romance, and mystery.

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Storm Breaking: Prequel to Waters of Salvation
by Robert Jepson

A routine deployment to Afghanistan. One death, and one double leg amputation, hit Mike and his platoon hard. Amongst increasing hostilities, he begins to wonder if he’ll ever make it home. Then his wife suffers a miscarriage. With one final mission remaining, Mike’s thoughts and moods swing from highs to lows, alternating between his life in a combat zone to his family at home. A veteran of long service and battle-hardened, Mike begins to doubt himself and his circumstances. His mental anguish lays the foundations for the events in Book 2. "Sounds interesting!

Chapter 1

Mike caressed the watch on his left wrist. It occurred to him, ironically, that it had no face. It had belonged to his father, but there were no memories. Even the photos of his father, which his mother kept, spurred no hint of recollection. He had left home long be...

Shadows Retreat: Sequel to Waters of Salvation
by Robert Jepson

Follow Mike as he leaves the Army and lays the foundations for a new career. He forms a strong relationship with his long lost father but this comes under strain as his father takes on a contract with McLeod again. Ghosts of the past still haunt him, and he holds one secret of which he cannot speak. "Sounds interesting!

Chapter 1

The summer sky filled with dark clouds and a sudden deluge of rain pounded the parade ground causing a river of water. Mike switched the windscreen wipers to maximum speed as the rain pummeled the roof of his car like someone tipping frozen peas into a pan. He recal...

Science Fiction
The Cull: The Draconian Legacy Book 1
by Robert Jepson

Near to the great pyramids, a team of geologists unearth a strange artifact. Far from being inert, they inadvertently activate it. Soon, the object spawns a rapidly growing plant which carries a lethal virus. As it spreads and the death toll increases, the world economy verges on collapse. Jed Stone, an unorthodox, highly creative and adaptable scientist, is called to assist in the fight against what is deemed to be an alien weapon of mass destruction. Standing in his way are The Brotherhood, a ancient group whose blood-line and allegiance are tied to a renegade race of aliens. "Sounds interesting!


4012 B.C

The plains of Giza, Egypt

 The Great Pyramid, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure, as they became known in later times, glowed in the yellowing light of the setting sun as the desert air cool. The polished white limes...

The Ice Remembers: A Paranormal, Pschological Thrilller
by Robert Jepson

In a remote lighthouse in the Barents Sea, a new crew take over for the winter. Some consider the building to be jinxed after a checkered history of tragedy. A strange series of events beset the two men and each becomes distrustful of the other. But who is responsible? Is one, or both of them, going mad; or is something, or someone else involved? The psychological tension builds as the plot evolves towards a bizarre conclusion. "Sounds interesting!

Chapter 1

Murmansk, Russia. 1933

Ivan fingered the crucifix which hung around his neck, then grasped it in a clenched fist as he squinted through the windscreen. His vision of the runway was obscured by a sudden snowstorm, but it was too late now to abort.

Waters of Salvation: A Story of Adventure, Despair, Love, and Redemption
by Robert Jepson

On a final combat mission in Afghanistan before retirement, a young girl dies in Mike’s arms. The floodgates open; memories from atrocities he has witnessed through his career. Returning home, he receives treatment for Post Traumatic Distress Disorder. He embarks on a soul-searching voyage where the prospect of salvation comes through a young autistic girl with whom he finds a deep empathy. As he begins to grasp the truth, he is unwittingly embroiled in the attempted theft of an ancient Scottish relic. Can he pull back from the edge of the abyss before he loses everything dear to him? "Sounds interesting!


In dark caverns of the mind lie distant memories, dark, insidious, unwanted, and almost forgotten. Hidden from consciousness, but connected to each other by a labyrinth of tunnels, they linger and fester in the twilight; harmless, so long as they are suppressed.


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