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Chick Lit
The Kiss
by Shirley Holder Platt

A collection of short stories and an occasional poem "Sounds interesting!"

The Kiss

A short story, to brighten your day:

"The Kiss"

Sometimes, a kiss is just a kiss. This wasn’t one of those times. I’d been watching Marcus for years, ever since he saved me from bullies in the schoolyard when we were in fourth grade. I was on...

A Round of Robins

A Round of Robins

January 6 - Epiphany

I put the nativity scene in storage until next year. The tree was so dry, it went out with the trash the day after Christmas.


January 7

The robins are here. They chitter in the trees, search...

Orange Sky, Blue Hair

“I’d like to fall into that sky,” she said. Her head was on my shoulder as we watched the sun sink into the water. The clouds were that color orange that can’t be realistically recreated on a canvas. The reflection on the water so vivid as to...

Old Durham Road in the 1950s

Sarah grew up on Durham Road. It was an urban experiment sandwiched between two expansive strawberry fields. Old Man Mueller had used some of his wealth to build Durham Road and named it after his favorite tobacco. The single block housed twenty-four kids,...

Lap Dance at Lunch

I went to the library at lunch today to research grants. While there, a man sat down two seats from me. He held his book in his lap, but faced me straight on. From his appearance, I guessed he was one of the people they dumped off the bus from some institu...

Birthday Fall Back

It is all planned out for me. All I have to do is go along for the ride. The drive into the resort is a divided boulevard lined by very tall palm trees that are never still for a moment. The breeze resembles a gale at times. In this place, the sun shines through cle...

Cassie and Ryan

The early morning light struck Cassie full in the face from the eastern window. Squinting her eyes, she rolled her head toward the wall and away from the light. She lay still and listened to the ticking of the old pendulum clock in the hall. Time ticking by, she lay...

In the Dog House

Corey ran to the office Monday morning. He couldn’t believe his luck in landing this job. He lied to get in the door, telling the HR woman he’d been in hotel sales for two years. What he had been doing after dropping out of junior college was working for...

Changed in the Twinkling of an Eye

But I am telling you this strange and wonderful secret; we shall not die, but we shall be given new bodies! It will all happen in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, then the last trumpet is blown.  

I Corinthians 15:51

The Living Bible



In the land of my dreams

 Life’s innocent and pure

My days are all sunny

 My paths are all sure

Nature is there

 To bring me smiles

I travel back roads

 I count down the miles

Horses neigh


Midnight Blue

The world was gold

when I met you

and sadness only flecks of blue.

Now time has flown,

and thoughts of you

are flecks of gold

In midnight blue.

Resorting to Murder

Bill has been cornered at the conference for writers. The anxious man handing him the script is sweating. Bill doesn't have the heart to say no. He sits and begins to read as the writer hovers.

Opening Scene in a car with 4 people, one older woman driving, a y...


Bud was a looker. Tall with jet black hair and flashing blue eyes. Pam thought he looked like a druid. His hair fell in waves to his shoulders. His beard was perfectly manicured. Paula preferred it immensely to the fu man chu he’d sported when they first met. ...


I’m getting round as a barrel, she thought as she reached into the clear cellophane bag and took out a bite-size candy. The wrapper on this one was yellow, not her favorite. She liked the plain ones. She liked the way they melted smooth in her m...

The Monster in the Basement

Alice had heard every joke in the book, but today she felt like she really had fallen through the looking glass. Finding an alien in your bathtub is, by anyone’s standard, an odd way to start the day. She didn’t see him at first, as she was not much...

Walking the Labyrinth

When I walked the labyrinth, the first thing I did was try to think deep thoughts. I wanted, I yearned for, a knowing I’d never had. But I kept noticing the people, how I’d walk with someone or several someones for a while, but with the constant tur...

The train to forgetfulness

She leaned out of the train window and let the wind blow through her hair. Just how she had come to this place was a mystery, but she liked it. She liked the smell of the rain in the mountains. She liked the rhythm of the train. Back and forth, back and forth, a slo...

Cat Nap

It’s raining on my window

Husband’s in bed asleep

With covers all piled on him

Except, of course, his feet.


The cat she is a napping

And I am wide awake

Listening to the tapping

Of nature, for Pete&r...

Lost Dreams

All of my dreams are gone

Crushed by an angry tide that one time was you

Now I’m alone and feeling blue


How could you leave me now

Knowing the way I feel in my heart so true

Where is the love that once was mine


Morning Glory

I remember the dial tone

How I held that phone

Her voice

He fell



Driving home, how it sunk in.

I may not get to say goodbye.

The "no" that pushed out of my mouth

That wouldn't be suppressed.


'S in

‘S in me

    ‘S in us

         ‘S inexcusable

              ‘S infinitely harmful


Moonlit Goodnight

The day sunk into the ocean

Painting the sky with its goodbye.

I didn't get to say goodbye. 

I listened for your voice on the breeze,

But heard only the waves lapping,

Gulls laughing.

I was alone.

I turned, and


Summer Bird

I lay in my hammock

In the screened porch

In the excruciating heat

When a hummingbird flew

Into the screen

And got his proboscis



He kept flapping his wings


I was just getting up


Ted and Tina

I am a bartender. A man came into the bar last Tuesday night, it was rainy and messy outside, a quiet night for business. This man came in shaking the rain from his overcoat and ordered a double shot of Tequila, straight up, no lime, no salt. This is unusual, and si...

Poems from a dark place

Poem One:

That sorrow must be lived through

to produce one spirit true

seems cruel, sad, a bad joke

when others carry no yoke.

Depth comes not in laughter

but sorrow, joy, and rapture

lead souls down narrow paths winding

to h...

The Chair

The chair sat woodenly in the corner, chuckling at its own thoughts. Last night's party left it tired but not without a sense of humor. Remembering old Mr. Rickelsby sitting tremulously and trying to hold a conversation in his palsied way with Mr. Dunkston who was p...

Stolen Gray

The tall man walked across the porch with a regular clomp, clomp, clomp. He stopped, turned, and again, clomp, clomp, clomp. He’d been doing this for a while. He leaned his hands on the rail stared out at the cold, gray sky that matched his eyes exactly. He th...

A Ho Hum Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a princess who was very bored. She spent her days staring out of her window with her head in her hands. Ho Hum, she would say as she passed the long day. She went to her father, the king, and told him how bored she was. Being the kindly k...

Season's Song

When the sun shines through your windowpane

 Tracing new designs upon your floor

Remember me and our good times again

 Keep me in your heart forevermore.

When red and gold leaves scurry down the lane

 Blowing colors thro...

When a Curse Ain't so Bad

Once upon a time, there was a magic frog

Who lived in a miry bog,

Waking each morning in a terrible fog,

(due to the vast amounts he drank each night of his favorite grog.)

Awakening one dawn

With a mighty yawn



I am dry. I think I will be brittle soon. I am letting my hair grow long, and I don’t want to color it. I want to sit on a rock until the sun goes down; sit as still as a basking lizard, with eyes like slits and a body that changes color to blend with the rock...


Pete had the car packed when Paula got home from work Friday. They piled into it and were in the middle of the stop-and-go traffic by six-fifteen. As usual, the car overheated, so they rolled down the windows and turned off the air conditioner. The radio blared rock...

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