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from Moon Dance by Shirley Holder Platt

Copyright © 2019–2020 Shirley Holder Platt

Chapter 13 - Miles

Salsa wasn’t bad, but I liked the dirty dancing better. Mia was amazing. I could watch her move all night. I had no idea where she’d put all the lasagna she’d eaten just an hour earlier. She wore a red dress that twirled around her legs as she danced in some of the highest, pointiest, and most spiked shoes I’d ever seen.

“You have gorgeous legs,” I said when we sat one out, so I could catch my breath. The girl wasn’t even winded. I kept waiting for something bad to happen. She was quiet, had been all through the meal at her place.

“Thanks.” She sipped her drink through the skinny straw they’d put in her glass. I wondered how she could be getting anything through the tiny opening.

“How was your week?”

“It was typical up until Thursday,” she said.

It wasn’t like her to leave me guessing. I figured she wanted me to ask what happened on Thursday. I felt like teasing her a little, so I just said, “Oh?”

“Well, aren’t you going to ask me what happened on Thursday?” she asked with a hand on one hip.

“Yeah, just teasing you. Of course, I want to know.”

“I got a letter from Julliard asking me to work this summer in New York,” she said. She might as well have dropped a neutron bomb on my head. She radiated excitement. My stomach knotted up, and I had to force myself to smile. This was about her. Not me. I didn’t know much about her yet, but I knew that dancing was her life. I also knew that she would leave Houston for New York without a second thought. If this panned out, she might waltz right out of my life. My insides were a mess.

“You’re not looking all that happy for me,” she said.

“Oh, but I am. I want to hear all about it.”

The music was loud, so we were almost shouting.

“Let’s dance some more. I want to celebrate. I’ll tell you more back at my place.”

I tried to have a good time, but I kept thinking she was slipping through my arms even as I held on tight.


When we got back to her place, I plastered a smile on my face. She kicked off her shoes and fell into t...

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