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from Moon Dance by Shirley Holder Platt

Copyright © 2019–2020 Shirley Holder Platt

Chapter 9 - Miles

The time change messed my body rhythm up like it always does, but I still managed to be the first one on the job Monday morning. I stocked the fridge with Mountain Dew, because no one else would, and put a pot of coffee on for the bosses. Not that they’d ever say thank you, but they were much less grumpy if they found it already brewed when they walked in. My challenge for the day was a souped-up truck. The owner wanted flames down the side panels all the way to the tail gate. The truck was black, the flames would be white, red, yellow and orange shades between. Not what I would do on my truck, but I felt confident I could deliver for the customer. I did a Dew before starting, then plugged my ear buds in, cranked up the tunes and got down to business.

Justin came in with Brutus, his boxer, followed soon by Nando. I heard them, but didn’t look up. I was already in the zone and didn’t want the distraction. The good thing about this job was that I could do a lot of the tasks practically in my sleep. That gave my mind the ability to plan the next art project I wanted to work on at home. In my head, the picture I wanted to paint was forming. I would paint Mia in her pink dress, pink bow, pink lipstick, pink fingernails, and white pearls. The contrast against her olive skin and almost coal black hair with those mahogany red highlights would make a fantastic composition. I had her facial features down in my mind, but thought it would be much better if I could be around her more to make sure I had it just right. I wondered if I should tell her or keep it a secret until I finished the portrait. Girls are funny. Some love to be surprised, but I was afraid she’d think I was some kind of weird stalker if she was caught unawares by the painting. Whether she ever saw the thing, I was going to paint it. Art is like that for me, I’ll find a subject that captures my attention, and I’m not happy until it’s painted.

So, that’s where my mind was when Justin tapped me on the shoulder. I almost jumped out of my skin, but he had learned early on to only interrupt me when the air brush wasn’t going. I removed my ear plugs and scowled at him.

“Lunch time, dude. Jorge is going to the Whataburger. Want the regular?” Jorge has been working in the sh...

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