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The Non Dead Wife
by Roberta Huckle

What if the things that you thought were true really weren't. What if someone you thought was dead really was alive. What if that someone was here right now. What if they wanted to take away everything that you loved. What would you do...

Chapter 1

Funny how things can change so suddenly isn't it. The people you thought that you knew, the friend's that you thought you had, it can all change overnight, without warning.

The things you believed were true, well maybe they just aren't true after all.<...

Chapter 2


I think that I might have just met my husband's first wife. The wife that was before me, quite normal you would think. To be expected sometimes perhaps. The only issue is that she's been dead for seven years!

I married the man she ...

Chapter 3


I'd left work early, I hadn't been feeling too good. I made my excuses, must have eaten something bad I said and then headed for home. I wasn't ready to tell anyone the truth yet. I hadn't even told Jim, so I definitely wasn't going to tell any of the g...

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