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Almost Love: A love story
by Prabhat Kumar

It is based on first love or school love or college love. This is about first ever excitement experience towards love. A simple love story.

Chapter 1
Wedding Day

She is looking as usual 'gorgeous' in her blue dress and her hair band of same colour is trying to beautify her beauty beautifully. And as always busy in talking with her cousins and family members.

"Hi.." I told her.

After some shocking reaction..

Chapter 2
First Step

I (13 yrs. Old) and my sisters ( 10 and 15 yrs. Old) are so happy today, as we are now going to settle in Delhi, tomorrow.

It is our last night in Patna.

My dad has started a new business in Delhi. So, we are moving there.

My mom has packed all the...

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