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  from Almost Love by Prabhat Kumar

Chapter 1
Wedding Day

She is looking as usual 'gorgeous' in her blue dress and her hair band of same colour is trying to beautify her beauty beautifully. And as always busy in talking with her cousins and family members.

"Hi.." I told her.

After some shocking reaction..

"Hey, Good to see u.." she said.

It seems like she doesn't expected this. But Still, I don't care and ask..

"Isn't Life moves so fast".

She is still busy in gossiping. Then she suddenly replied" Ya, so fast"

I met Karan few days ago and now you are here at our wedding's ceremony.

"r you happy with him ?" I asked.

'Ya ya, Very much'. In hurry.

Then her mom came and tell her "Are ladke wale ane wale hain. Get ready fast".

She said "I will see you later".

I said 'Ok'.

Afterthat I move towards the backyard and there I saw some of my old friends are busy in some silly discussion.

"Can I join your conversation ?"

Rishi suddenly replied.. "Welcome my ...

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