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  from Ends of the Earth by PMColtrane

Chapter 1

A storm was rolling in from the west. Black thunderheads had already blotted out the setting sun. Lee gazed down from the 27th-floor window. Out to the northwest was the city of Old Nairobi, a city untouched by centuries of progress. Rain pounded the crumbling concrete of historic Nairobi City Hall. Just past that civic monument, a river of humanity spilled out of the Grand Kentanza Marketplace as shoppers ran to find shelter where they could. Beyond that, Lee could see nothing. The rain washed away his view of the University, and obscured the lights of the casino district.

Though he could not see it from his vantage, Lee knew that Nairobi lay behind him to the southeast. Just across Harambee Avenue, the tired old buildings and archaeological layers of pavement surrendered to the sleek black glass fa├žades of the interconnected skyscrapers: the Nairobi Upsky Corridor. Each two-hundred floor architectural marvel melted and melded in impossible ways into all the others to form a flowing, organic work of art. Ten million of the richest citizens of the African Union resided there.

"Enjoying the view, Mr. van der Linde?"

Lee startled at the new voice. He turned to see a stern-looking woman in a blue constable's uniform standing in the doorway. Her hair was braided so tightly it appeared to be on the verge of bursting free in an explosion of black frizz. Her eyes were dark and penetrating, and she squinted as she looked at Lee, as though she might see into his soul with proper concentration. Her chest nameplate read "DC Okafor", and her uniform was decorated with a dozen colorful medals and ribbons that L...

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