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Hanging Girl
by Sharron Grodzinsky

A girl is found bound and nude, hanging in a mansion in Coronado. Her boyfriend is a former Navy seal with ties to the Middle East. Sgt. Matt Monohan and his partner,Wendy Song work to find out what happened. Was it suicide or murder? "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
Matt Monohan is called in to find a girl hanging.

There is something about Sunday mornings in Coronado.

The sleepy southern California town is renowned for its small town charm, laid back beach attitude and lack of major crime. Most people are out walking or are riding bikes on Sunday mornings. Their agenda f...

Chapter 2
San Diego Sheriff's Department

Chapter 2 – SDSD

The SDSD guys stepped out of their white SUV and headed up the sidewalk toward the house.


“Having an exciting time in Coronado this morning?” Detective Ray Johnson asked. “Not too often you guys get a...

Chapter 3

          CHAPTER 3 – Jeremy

Matt’s cell phone rang at 2:10 P.M. It was Jeremy Sanderson saying he’d arrived at the airport. His voice was tight and distraught. Matt called Wendy and they jumped in her Dodge Charger. T...

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