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  from Edgar by Mark Rippon

Chapter 1

Chapter one


The bottle lay empty upon the table and Edgar looked at it. The bottle seemed to vibrate in his mind as he tried to concentrate on the image but all that came to him was darkness. He had achieved the state that he had so desired to find once again. The constant pain that coursed inside his broken soul was painful to him in so many ways now.

Even as the dreams of his loves came to him the pain managed to manifest once again and the dead forms were all that he could dream. The loss was all consuming and now gave such torment in the days and the nights. No drug could release him from the chains that were upon his soul.

To wake each day and not have any kind of peace was alarming to Edgar and he looked upon his life and decisions often. Would it matter if he tried once more to find a little love and happiness he wondered. The course of his life was his to set and Edgar knew that to be true. He had removed himself from situations that he did not care for many times. With having such an easy way with conversation and a name that was now so well known he could just about do anything but keep the women he loved alive. Was he truly cursed or was that just a folly that existed inside of his mind. Edgar was not sure but he had a belief that the old witch he had encountered so many years before when he had been looking for answers on magic had cursed him thoroughly. No matter how careful he tried to be with the drinking that he had become so fond of and the opium he had been introduced to...

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