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Historical Fiction
Ghost of my Heart
by Leah Lindeman

Eleven years after Gerald MacCrae's execution, Evelyn finds a haunting memento from the past that dares question what she believes to be true. A seemingly innocent new acquaintance shatters the structure of her world, propelling her to embark on a journey of forgiving oneself and of loving without parameters. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

The sheets beneath Evelyn Richardson’s hand were scrunched; the folded layers were not enough of a deterrent for the nails digging into her palm. A brush of skin—Carl was awakening. That had not been her intention. It never was.

Carl gently brushed aside a sweep of her hair from her face buried deep within her pillow. “Again?”

Evelyn nodded, her face and pillow damp from the tears she must have wept as she watched the horrifying scene play before her. She was unable to...

Chapter 2

As soon as Carl and Evelyn ushered the children off to school, Carl pulled Evelyn aside to ask her what her plans were for the day.

“Well, I was going to visit with Betsie for the day, run a few errands in town. Why? Do you need me to get you something?”

Carl laid a hand upon her shoulder and shook his head. “No, no, it isn’t that. I was thinking of going into town myself.”

Her brows rose in confusion, “Whatever for? You never go into town unless it&r...

Chapter 3

“Carl, would you mind if I went into town to purchase a new dress for the public luncheon at Pier 21?”

Carl sat hunched over some papers in his tight office, glasses dangling upon the curve of his nose. “Uh, yes, I believe you can.” He reached over to his filing cabinet and pulled out a long box, which housed some of the family savings. “Here will this do?”

Evelyn took the money. “This is more than enough, thank you.” She took a few steps away a...

Chapter 4

Clyde believed his father’s request to be an odd one. Why could he not ring up the hotel and ask himself? 

He had an hour’s break from studies. He took the opportunity to briskly walk to the Lord Nelson’s. He gave a quick nod to the smartly dressed valet standing outside before entering. He was quickly in awe of the grandeur of the establishment. This Richard Gable surely had quite a bit of money. He strolled to the front desk and waited his turn as an elderly lady, dressed i...

Chapter 5

She couldn’t see straight through the tangled web her thoughts of wants had created. She was a wriggling fly, fighting to free itself, to live with unhindered wings. 

Her life with Carl and the children was wonderful. God had blessed her with her heart’s deepest desires. Yet even though all this good was in abundance, she hadn’t been able to forgive herself for giving up on Carl and then for not being able to be there for Gerald in his darkest hours. The two men had forgiven ...

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