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Lover of classic literature—History Buff—Leah Lindeman graduated with honours from the Institute of Children's Literature. She published her first historical fiction novel "Redeemed From the Ashes" in 2016.

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Historical Fiction
Ghost of my Heart (working title)
by Leah Lindeman

Eleven years after Gerald MacCrae's execution, Evelyn finds a haunting memento from the past that dares question what she believes to be true. A seemingly innocent new acquaintance shatters the structure of her world, propelling her to embark on a journey of forgiving oneself and of loving without parameters. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

The sheets beneath Evelyn Richardson’s hand were scrunched; the folded layers were not enough of a deterrent for the nails digging into her palm. A brush of skin—Carl was awakening. That had not been her intention. It never was.

Carl gently brushed...

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