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How to get noticed!

Once you post your first chapter, your book climbs through 3 levels:

1. BuzzWorthy

Your book is starting to pick up steam. You've shown you have what it takes to get Buzz and attract readers. Once BuzzWorthy, we start showing it off around the site.

Requirements for a BuzzWorthy book:
  • 1 posted chapter
  • 3 total Buzzes

Take action! How to make your book BuzzWorthy ▼

2. ChartWorthy

Your book secures a spot on the ChapterBuzz Chart. Keep on posting, keep sharing on your blog and social media to get more readers to Buzz your chapters. Every Buzz helps your book climb toward the Top 20!

Requirements for a ChartWorthy book:

Already BuzzWorthy plus...
  • 3 posted chapters

3. FameWorthy

Your book is taking off, and taking you with it. Once your book becomes FameWorthy, you (as an author) will start climbing the Ladder of Fame, on your way to becoming a SuperStar author!

Requirements for a FameWorthy book:

Already ChartWorthy plus...
  • 3 Buzzes on at least 3 of your chapters

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