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by Fiona Una

A sarcastic, self-deprecating thief, and a spoiled, idealistic princess. One has common sense; the other has a glowy hand mark and a talking canine. Hard to believe that this disaster of a pair will end up doing something extraordinary, no?

Chapter One
Roguish Endeavours

Rogue was dealing with a bit of a dilemma. That was what she called those awkward situations when her jobs went wrong; which she would describe as any job that ended with the captain of the city guard hot on her tail. It should have been easy - replace the usual cup...

Chapter Two
Through Shadows

“Are you ready?" Seryna wanted to know almost immediately, magic emanating from her open palm still. Rogue had been keeping an eye on all of the glowing magicky things that this girl had shown she was capable of performing, but that didn't make her a...

Chapter Three

It was immediately obvious when they were starting to close in on their destination; not because they saw ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ or any of that metaphorical nonsense that people use to describe when luck eventually returns to their dark hol...

Chapter Four
Home At Last

Home was a dingy little shack on the outskirts of the marketplace that like the north warehouse, had been abandoned and abused by time.It had been the place Rogue had crashed that first night after her father’s execution when she had barely just turned fourtee...

Chapter Five
Daggers and Crescents

Chapter Five - Daggers and Crescents

“Check every house!” A voice commanded, “Ask anyone in this area and look out for anyone making a run for it! Lady Serynalia must be found.”


Chapter Six
Conscripted to Madness

“When you say ‘conscripted’, I’m guessing it isn’t the type where I can just disappear for a few days and then go home.”

“You can either assist Seryna with her goal, which might take a month maximum or you can be consc...

Chapter Seven: Sassy Fae

“He was nice.” Rogue commented after they had left Lirionport behind them and they began on the path that lead inland.

“Of course you would say that,” Seryna muttered, “You like anyone.”

Rogue studied the sulk...

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