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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 34

The smell of lavender filled the air, and the hot soapy water caressed my body in a warm, loving embrace. I sighed peacefully and sunk deeper into the bath, allowing the water to seep over my body. It was so lovely to be back at home, even if it was only for a few hours. The sound of Lucas playing Big World Knockout on his games console could be heard from just across the hall. Baking and video games were his main interests. But I knew as time went on, those interests would fade as he eventually found out who he really was and who his family where.

Carefully, I sat up, the water sloshing around me as I grabbed a pink razor and a can of shaving foam from the end of the bath. I squirted a large dollop of the silky cream and applied it to under my arms before skilfully dragging the razor across my skin. Once I had finished my underarms, I lifted each leg out of the bath in turn and completed the process, leaving each leg feeling silky smooth. I fished around under the water for the bath sponge and grabbed it when my fingers connected with the spongy material. I rung out the water and applied some more lavender bubble bath to the sponge and gently massaged it in to create a foamy lather which I scrubbed my body with. Last of all, I laid back and completely soaked my hair so that I could plop a blob of 2 in 1 shampoo on top that I massaged in with my fingers. Once again, I sank beneath the water and used my hands to wash out all the soap. Gasping for breath, I finally resurfaced and used a flannel to wipe my face. Finally feeling clean, I laid back in the bath and thought of Xavier.

My Xavier!

As time went on, I found it easier to be not by his side. I could not wait to see him at the ceremony and for this spell to be over. I was determined not to fail the pack. I eyed up the bathroom window, thinking of a plan to escape, but I thought better off it. I could not let the pack down.

And would Xavier even want to see me? Would he be disappointed if I ran away and came to find him?

Sighing in frustration, I pulled on the chain of the plug to allow the water to escape. A loud gurgling ensued, and I watched as the water rippled in circles as it was sucked down the drain. Carefully, I stood up and lifted one leg up over the bath and stepped down on to the bathmat before lifting the other leg out of the bath. I grabbed a fluffy towel from the hook off the wall and wrapped it around me. It was nice and warm as it had just come out of the dryer and it smelled of my Mum’s washing powder. I slid back the lock on the bathroom door and walked out into the hallway, letting the smell of lavender fill the air. I made my way into my bedroom and saw Hannah perched on the end of my bed, flicking through an old magazine.

I think it was the one that Cierra flicked through many months ago.

She looked up at me as I entered the room and raised an eyebrow. “Feeling better? Oh, and your Mum bought us up cheese and ham sandwiches,” pointing to two plates laden with cheese and ham sandwiched between slabs of thick crusty bread and two cinnamon buns.

“Mmm, lovely!” I replied, eyeing up the food hungrily. “I’m feeling a little bit better. I’m more relaxed anyway. Turn around so I can chuck my clothes back on a sec,” I asked her.

Hannah dutifully obliged while I grabbed clean underwear out of the pile of clothes that Hannah had brought with her and quickly slipped them on under the towel. I removed the towe...

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