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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 33

I threw on some old black leggings and a long white top before scrunching my feet into an old pair of trainers. Angrily, I stomped out of the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind me and nearly bumping into Hannah, who was exiting the closet, with an armful of clothes. Ignoring her, I continued to stomp towards the Beta.

“Move out of the way! Now please!” I snarled, glaring angrily at the Beta.

“We are doing this for your own good, you know. Do you really think we want to keep you from Xavier?” Beta Adam reasoned, or at least tried to.

“Well, quite clearly you are, aren’t you!” I snapped. “Now move out of the way!”

“Are you going to promise that you won’t go near Xavier?” Beta Adam pleaded.

“I won’t let her,” interrupted Hannah loudly. “I’ll make sure she gets straight into my car!”

Angrily, I rolled my eyes and let a loud snarl creep out over my lips. “Fine! I promise! Now can I go!”

Beta Adam finally moved out of the way, and I angrily stomped towards the staircase and hastily made my way to the lobby, closely followed by Hannah and Beta Adam.

Just run. Take me to our Mate. I know you want to. They won’t be able to catch us.

You know I can’t. I can’t let the pack down. Everybody is waiting and watching, probably hoping that I fail.

Moodily, I kept on walking, ignoring my wolf’s pleas and somehow, managing to hold her inside of me. Deep in my brain, I could hear her howling mournfully for not being at her Mate’s side.

This is going to be a long 12 hours.

Soon enough, Hannah’s car soon appeared, and I slumped against the back door like a moody teenager, waiting for her to unlock the door. A loud beep signalled that the fob had unlocked the doors. I wrenched open the door as hard as I could, climbed into the front seat and slammed the door back behind me, causing the glass in the window to rattle. Hannah carefully climbed in beside me, glancing at me nervously before starting up the engine.

“You sure you want to go to your parents?” she asked tentatively.

“Yes!” I snapped. “Before I change my mind!”


The familiar scene of a neat gravel drive next to a perfectly mowed lawn and a cosy looking house with red roses outside in pots by the front door soon become us. The car pulled up onto the drive, the gravel crunching noisily under the tyres. Without saying a word to Hannah, I unclipped my seat belt and climbed out of the car, slamming the door once again behind me, before stomping towards the front door. Without even knocking, I pushed open the door to be greeted by the warm sweet smell of cinnamon buns. My stomach grumbled hungrily, but my mind still could not forget Xavier.

What was he doing? Where was he? Who was he with? Is he okay?

“Mum? Dad? You guys home?” I called out.

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