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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 31

We slowly made our way upstairs towards my bedroom. Xavier had his forehead pressed gently against mine, and he was staring intently into my eyes while I could feel my heart beating faster and faster with every step that we took, closer to the bedroom.

Relax you will be fine, my wolf purred.

Xavier gently opened the door with one hand, not once breaking his stare from my eyes and carefully holding onto me with the other hand. He carefully carried me through the bedroom door, pausing to close the door behind him with his foot and proceeded to carry me over to my bed and gently placed me down onto the soft mattress.

Cautiously, he lowered his torso down towards mine and tilted his head sideways. “Are you sure you really want this?” he whispered, softly.

I looked at him and swallowed nervously.

Why was he so hot and so god damn good looking?

I nodded gently and opened my lips to usher the word, yes. Xavier slowly nodded back at me, grinning excitedly, before standing up and pulling his shirt off, up and over his head, before casually tossing it onto my bedroom floor.

“Stuff the bath!” he said, grinning widely.

He walked towards the foot of my bed and slowly crawled onto the mattress and towards me, his biceps flexing under every move he made. He stared at me once again, not moving his eyes for a second. I noticed that they had turned to a dark shade of brown – almost black- like they had when we had first met in his office when I was kicking off at my Dad. I giggled at the very memory and quickly regained my composure as Xavier came closer and closer.

I looked in his eyes once more, and even though they were almost black, they had that familiar twinkle in them, and warmth and love radiated out of them. Xavier was now kneeling above me, and slowly, he lowered his head and placed his lips on mine. Soft, warm, velvety skin met mine, and I could feel the longing and the power behind them. Xavier gently tugged on my bottom lip with his teeth, and submissively, I opened my mouth, to find Xavier’s tongue expertly snaking inside, exploring every inch of my mouth. Enjoying his touch, I closed my eyes and passionately kissed him back. This kiss felt different from when Tom had kissed me. It was nice, of course, but there was no love and passion and need like there was right now with Xavier. I lifted my hands to snake my fingers in his hair, and I slowly tightened my grip and pulled Xavier down towards me. He gently pulled himself away from my mouth and began to gently kiss the side of my neck, working his way down to his much-awaited prize. Giggling, I instinctively pulled away.

“What’s wrong baby?” Xavier murmured, glancing at me worriedly.

”Nothing honestly!  It just tickles, that’s all,” I giggled.

Xavier looked at me and shook his head slowly, trying his hardest not to laugh at me. He looked down at me once more before returning to planting kisses on my skin. Pausing, he sat upon his knees and briskly pulled off my top and tossed it on the floor, to join his shirt.

Now, I was lying here in front of him with my black bra exposed. The fresh air that was floating in from the bedroom window kissed my skin longingly, causing the little hairs to stand up on my arms and my skin prickled in anticipation. I could also feel my nipples harden under the soft material that was keeping them covered from prying eyes.

Once more, I felt the warmth of Xavier’s skin resting on mine as he planted kisses under my chin and down towards my breasts. I felt one strong hand snake under my back and expertly flick the catches on my bra, releasing my breasts from the material, before making his way to the straps and gently tugging them down my arms. Helping him, I lifted my arms out of the straps and quickly tried to cover my modesty with my arm.

“No, don’t cover yourself. Let me look at you,” Xavier purred seductively in my ear, before moving his head so that he could gaze down at me. “Oh, Leah, you are so beautiful. So perfect,” he whispered, hungrily taking in the sight laying before him. “Your body is a temple,...

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