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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 29

The car soon pulled up outside a posh looking restaurant. There was a red carpet leading from the edge of the pavement, right up to the front door. Silver posts with red rope fenced off the red carpet and an outside seating area, which was covered under black canopies, bearing the restaurant’s name in gold lettering. Xavier carefully opened the car door and slid out before briefly leaning back in to lend me his hand. Graciously, I held his hand daintily in mine and excited the car, staring up at the restaurant in awe.

“It looks really posh!” I gasped. “I can’t go in there!”

“You look absolutely fine, my love,” Xavier breathed. “Come on, let’s go and get us a table.”

I nodded nervously and walked towards the glass doors while Xavier’s arm was draped casually around my waist. As we got nearer, a waiter pulled open the door and bowed as we walked through.

“Welcome to Marchiano’s. Do you have a reservation?” he queried.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, we do,” Xavier confirmed loudly. “Under the name of Black, I believe.”

I watched as the waiter’s face turned a deathly shade of white before he quickly looked down at the register that he was stood next to. “Um yes, of course. Here you are sir!” he stuttered nervously. He looked at me briefly before averting his eyes and waving his hand. “If you both would like to follow me please.”

We followed the waiter into a dimly lit room filled with tables that sat plenty of couples, either eating delicious food or quietly talking amongst themselves. We found our self’s being seated towards the back of the room, set in an alcove. Soft floaty romantic music filled the air, and the odd clatter of plates or the chink of cutlery rang out. Candles lined the deep red walls, sending shadows fluttering across the room.

I gingerly sat down on the red leather bench and watched Xavier sit down opposite me. The table had a white silk tablecloth covering it, with red napkins folded artistically and placed into the polished wine glasses. At the same time, silver cutlery with a mirrored shine was displayed neatly in front of us. A wicker basket filled with salt and pepper grinders and crusty bread rolls took centre stage of the table. The room felt warm and cosy, and the atmosphere was calm and relaxing. The waiter suddenly appeared from nowhere with two black leather-encased menus and handed them both to Xavier.

“Menus for you both” he purred. “Would you like anything off the wine menu or from the bar?”

“Ahh yes, we will have a bottle of Pinot Noir please,” Xavier replied, briefly taking his eyes off me, and looking up at the waiter.

“Of course. I will bring it straight over, and then I will take your food orders.”

I watched him scurry off, almost tripping over his own feet in the process.

“I think someone is a little starstruck,” I mused, grinning across to Xavier.

“Well, it’s not every day you get to serve your Alpha his tea, is it?” he chuckled. “What do you fancy on having to eat babe?”

I looked down at the menu and scanned the dishes hungrily. My eyes lan...

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