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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 23

The car gracefully snaked through the countryside and gradually the farmland and small peaceful villages soon turned into a vibrant and bustling city. Tall skyscrapers filled with offices and high-rise blocks of flats soon replaced the wide-open fields, and streets filled with people hurrying about laden with shopping bags filled the scene.

This was what I missed about the city since living in the Packhouse.

The hustle and bustle of the city was quite different from the peaceful life back in the country. I looked out the window as familiar shops and cafes whizzed past in a blur of colour. We finally turned into a large car park filled with cars of all colours, shapes and sizes.

“What shop do you want to go to first?” quizzed Hannah excitedly, bringing the car to a stop and taking off her seatbelt.

“I wouldn’t mind grabbing an iced coffee first if I’m honest,” I responded, grabbing my purse from the dashboard, and climbing back out of the car.

“The Roasted Bean it is then!” grinned Hannah, grabbing my arm with her hand and pulling me towards a large building made entirely of shiny glass.

Silvermoor Arcade was a large building that consisted of three floors, filled with coffee shops, clothes shops, shoe shops and a food hall. There was also a fancy jewellery shop, a posh sweet shop that sold the most delicious chocolates and a large toyshop filled with every toy imaginable. We joined the queue for the Roasted Bean, and the smell of freshly ground coffee soon filled the air. I sniffed hungrily.

“That smells good!” I chuckled.

“Yes, it does. I’m going to have a large Macchiato with whipped cream,” grinned Hannah.

We finally made it to the counter, where a tall skinny boy wearing a green apron was serving.

“Can I take your order,” he drawled, clearly sounding bored.

“Yes, can I have one iced coffee please and one Macchiato with whipped cream. Make them both large too!” I responded confidently.

“Sure. Is that everything?” the boy asked.

I nodded and held my hand out with the correct amount of money and watched the boy grab the money before slamming it shut into the till. Moments later, we both had our drinks, and as we walked away from the counter, we slurped on them noisily.

“Uhhh, I have missed this,” I chuckled.

Hannah looked at me and laughed. “You’re really not a countryside girl, are you?”

“No, I’m not. I prefer the hustle and bustle of the city,” I admitted.

We promptly made our way to Laura’s Closet, which was a fashionable clothes shop and made our way straight to the sale rack. Excitedly, I ran my fingers through the different materials, pausing to look at a few items. I pulled out a light blue pair of denim jeans that had slits cut into the legs and held them against me.

“You will look super-hot in them,” Hannah declared, holding up a black leather mini skirt against herself. “What do you think?” she asked me undecidedly.

“Looks lovely,” I beamed.

I grabbed a sequined black vest top and a red and black chequered overshirt and headed over to the changing rooms. Hannah grabbed a purple chiffon top and followed me into the same cubicle where we both quickly changed into our new outfits.

“Wow look at you!” Hannah squealed, clapping her hands. “That really suits you, babe. Xavier will love it!”

Shyly, I grinned back at her before taking off the clothes and throwing back on my old outfit. “I’ll meet you back outside, okay?” I said before squeezing out of the cubicle discreetly and heading back out on to the shop floor. By the time Hannah had finished, I had picked up a couple mo...

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