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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 22

The loud chirping of birds sitting outside my bedroom window finally woke me up from what felt like a great night’s sleep. I no longer felt exhausted, and my body no longer felt sore and weak. Quickly remembering where I was, I glanced around my bedroom, the floral fragrance now replaced with the musky smell of Xavier’s aftershave.

Xavier? Was he still here?

I glanced down beside me, to see that Xavier was indeed still in my bed, but fast asleep. I sighed happily in relief. He had taken most of his clothes off and was lying in just a pair of black boxers. He still had his arms wrapped around me tightly as if he were protecting me from anyone who dared enter the room. A burning sensation started erupting from my bladder, and I realised I desperately needed to use the bathroom. I tried to wriggle out of Xavier’s strong cast iron like grip without waking him, but he grunted sleepily.

“Where are you going, baby?”

“I need to pee Xavier,” I giggled sheepishly at him, finally pushing his strong muscular arms off me, and sliding off the bed.

“Make sure you come back!” groaned Xavier sleepily with his eyes still closed.

I watched him bury his face into the pillow, groaning loudly and sure enough, loud snores soon bellowed out around the room. I tiptoed gently to the bathroom and pulled the bathroom door closed behind me. After doing what I needed to do, I walked over to the mirror and rested my palms on the sink, before staring closely at my reflection.

I noticed that the welts and purple bruising from around my neck had, but all had disappeared. There were a few tiny marks left, but they would be easily hidden with makeup. My eyes were no longer bloodshot and sore, and my throat didn’t burn anymore, and I could swallow with ease.

The Doctor was right. I am a fast healer.

Turning slowly, I turned on the shower and gingerly stripped my clothes off. I glanced back into the mirror and gazed at my back and gasped loudly in shock. Unexpectedly, a voice erupted inside of my head.

“Are you okay in there my love?”

It was Xavier mind-linking me. He must have felt my sudden shock at seeing the marks on my back. I had forgotten that we were connected now.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m just taking a shower,” I fired back before looking in the mirror once more.

The welts were no longer red hot and angry, but rather, they had turned to a reddish-brown. Some had already begun to turn yellow, and I noticed one or two had started to become silvery and shiny.

Great. Some are beginning to scar, as the Doctor said, I contemplated miserably.


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