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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 11

Tom looked at me up and down and slowly made his way over to me, licking his lips and sneering gleefully. He placed his hands against the wall, on either side of my head, effectively pinning me to the wall so that I was trapped.

“You are my Mate. You will give me what I want when I want and how I want. Do you understand?” Tom growled menacingly.

He moved one of his hands from the wall and shoved it roughly down the front of my dress, caressing my breast and squeezing on my nipple. It was not a nice feeling and it was rough and painful, not like the pleasure I felt only moments ago. I shoved him away from me, and as quickly as I could, I ran for the staircase. I reached the top, and indeed, like Tom had said, the door was locked. Frantically, I started to hammer loudly on the door, hoping and praying someone would hear me.

“Help! Help! Is anyone there! Please help me!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and making my throat tingle.

“You little whore!” I heard Tom growl from down below me in the basement before I heard the creak of the staircase.

I heard him thump up the stairs behind me and instantly, a shooting pain radiated over my head. I realised that Tom had grabbed a handful of my hair and was now yanking me back down the staircase and towards the basement floor.

“Ow, let go, Tom. Please, you’re hurting me!” I cried, trying to slap him away with my hands but failing to make any form of contact.

When I realised that this had little effect, I tried to grab my hair out of his grip, but it was no good. He wasn’t letting go. I felt my body bump down every wooden step, and I could feel my body bruising and becoming tender.

“Shut up! You’re nothing but a stupid little cocktease. Quite happy to let me have a grope earlier under the moonlight, weren’t you, but now when it comes to the real deal, you’re all prim and proper and don’t want to do anything now,” he spat, glaring at me manically.

Who was this Tom? Where had the old Tom gone?

We reached the bottom of the staircase, and Tom threw me onto the floor in a muddled heap, before walking away towards the mattress. I laid there on the floor in pain, trying to hold back my tears that wanted to pour down my face. Desperately, I tried to summon my wolf to help protect me, but oddly, I found out that I couldn’t connect with her anymore.

Where had she gone?

I continued lying on the floor, trembling with utmost fear. I could not understand why Tom had been so loving and kind earlier, and now cold and cruel now that I was in his basement with him. I looked around the room and noticed that Tom had his back turned towards me and he was kneeling over the mattress, sorting out the duvet and the pillows. I took my chances and legged it back up the staircase again where I began hammering on the door once more.

Someone must hear me surely, I thought desperately.

“You stupid little bitch!” Tom shouted from down below. “You don’t learn, do you?” he roared, and I heard him bounding back up the staircase, once again.

I felt his steely grip surround my arm, and I felt him yank me back towards the basement floor. My foot slipped from the staircase, and I could feel myself falling back into emptiness, where the bookcase at the bottom of the stairs broke my fall.  Groaning in pain, I looked up, and saw the bookcase wobbling towards me.

Oh, god, no!

Desperately, I tried to put my hands up in a feeble attempt to protect myself, but it was too late.


Pain erupted from every part of my body. The bookcase and all the heavy books had fallen on top of me and as I lay there being crushed under the weight of it all, I could feel my breath escaping my body.

At least Tom can’t get me under here.

I closed my eyes and thought of Xavier. He wouldn’t do this to me! Where are you? Can’t anyone come and save me from this evil monster?

“Now look what you have done, you stupid cow!” I heard Tom shout from somewhere in the room.

I trembled in fear as I listened to his footsteps coming closer. I felt the bookcase being lifted off me and as I weakly tried to crawl away from him, I instantly felt Tom’s foot connecting with my ribcage. A scream involuntarily escaped out over my lips and echoed around the room.

“Please, Tom,” I begged, once I had caught my breath back from the extreme pain that I was now feeling. “Please stop. You do not have to do this. Please just let me go,” I began weakly. “I won’t say a word. I promise!”

Tom kneeled in front of me and laughed loudly. “It’s about time someone taught you who was boss around here. I’ve heard all about your attitude and your subordination.”

He lifted his hand high above his head and as quick as a flash, he backhanded me on each side of my face. The pain was instant. A searing pain seeped through both of my cheeks like wildfire, and I could feel my left eye rapidly swelling up. As if that was not enough, Tom pushed me back on to the floor, and I felt the heavy thud of his foot meeting my ribs, yet again.

Thud, thud, thud.

His kicks rained down on me, connecting with every part of my body. Instinctively, I curled up into a ball, hoping and praying that this torture would soon end. That’s when I felt Tom stamp on me, and I heard a loud crack ring out.

“Arghhh,” I screamed out in pain, and my hands immediately rushed to hold my side.

I was in absolute agony and I felt sick to the core, and I could feel my body shaking in terror. I was quite sure that he had just broken some of my ribs. I struggled to breathe, and white-hot tears ran down my face. I could feel the trickle of bloo...

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