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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 4

I continued to watch him struggle carrying the large bin bag to the wheelie bins. With a lot of huffing and puffing, he finally managed to lift the bag into the bin.

Well, he isn’t strong at all, I thought.

He turned around, and his eyes locked into mine, and a wide smile stretched over his face. He had a thin face with thin lips and electric blue eyes and his hair, which was a little on the long side, fell in front of his eyes. He is nothing compared to the hunky Alpha that I only laid eyes on a few moments ago.

“Hey, how are you?” I called out loudly, making the young man jump in surprise.

I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears and I could feel my wolf was jumping and prancing around inside of me like a lovesick puppy. I’ve never felt or seen her this excited before.

I want to meet him, she cried excitedly. Let me have him, let me see him and touch him!

No, not yet. Calm down, I told her sternly, trying to act calm and collected.

I watched as the man came sauntering over to me while wiping his hands on his apron, leaving grubby marks behind.

“Hello darling. I’m okay thank you. It’s nice to meet you. What is your name? I’m Tom,” the young man politely replied, now stood in front of me, holding out his slightly grubby hand.

“I’m Leah, and you are my Mate, I think,” I replied confidently, smiling up at the stranger in front of me and shaking his hand gingerly.

However, something bugged me. If Tom was supposed to be the Mate of my inner wolf, then why did I also have Alpha Xavier on my mind? My wolf has chosen Tom, but something told me to stay away. Pushing the feeling of unease towards the back of my mind, I continued to focus on Tom.

“Yes. I can sense it too,” Tom grinned, quickly looking glancing back towards the kitchen then back at me.

He held out his hand once more, and I walked towards him and took his hand gently in mine and gazed up at Tom who was staring longingly back at me.

“You’re stunning, do you know that? What have I ever done to deserve something or someone like you?” Tom asked gently, stroking one finger lovingly down the side of my face.

I looked at him shyly and grinned. I could almost hear my wolf purring with utmost delight at his touch.

Let me kiss him. Let me claim him, she begged.

I rolled my eyes in disbelief at my wolf’s lack of composure. He is still a stranger, I tell her. You can’t just kiss someone you have only just met. But you know what, what the heck!

I walked closer to Tom and leant in for a kiss. Slowly, we locked lips. His lips were soft and gentle but firm, but they felt cold. He grabbed me around the waist with one hand and held the back of my head gently with his other hand and gently pulled me towards him. What felt like fireworks, suddenly erupt in my stomach, my lips tingle with passion and my body is on fire. It felt so intense, but it felt great and I loved it.

I want more! Let him claim us!

My wolf is screaming, and I started to tremble, fighting the urge to shift. Suddenly Tom pulled away and looked at me sadly.

“I can’t be your Mate. I know who you are. I’m so sorry,” Tom sniffed, and took a step back away from me.

“What the hell! But why not? What’s going on?” I asked in surprise with a frown on my face.

What the hell is wrong with him?

“Your Dad is the Warrior chief. I’m just the Omega of the Pack. I’m the lowest of the low. I am a nobody. Do you think your family would allow this bond to happen?” Tom sighed, running his hand through his hair, and looking flustered.

I took a step back and looked at him quizzically. “I don’t care if you’re the Omega or not. Moon Goddess has paired us for a reason. Who cares what people think?” I replied defiantly.

“I do,” was Tom’s sudden reply. “You don’t get it do you. You have the perfect little life that everyone dreams of and I’m stuck down in this basement. I really do want you, but I just can’t. Can’t you just live with that?”

Suddenly, a shrill ringing noise echoed out—ring ring. I looked down at my phone and noticed that it was my Dad calling.

Shit. I’ve been gone for almost 20 minutes.

I looked up at Tom, who is watching my every move. Compared to the Alpha, he does actually look weak and timid, as if he is afraid of something, or someone. I sighed in exasperation. If I’m supposed to be so high up in the ranks and help lead this Pack to greatness, then why did the Moon Goddess pair me to Tom.

I really don’t understand.

It is what it is. I want my Mate, cried my wolf moodily.

But for some strange reason, I couldn’t get the i...

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