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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 3

 The house had enormous marble pillars holding up a long porch roof, and perfectly shaped bay trees in large pots lined the path underneath. It looked like something you would see from a celebrity magazine.

This place is enormous!

The driveway came to a stop outside the front doors with a massive topiary bush shaped to resemble a wolf howling greeting us, with an enormous carpark just to the left of the house. Dad finally stopped the car, and we all piled out onto the drive. The flowerbeds lining the drive were immaculate and filled with rose bushes of every variety and colour. I sniffed deeply and smelled the sweet floral fragrance. I looked back down the drive and noticed more cars coming through the black metal gates. The guards on the entrance seemed to know who the occupants were and wasted no time in letting them through. Everywhere you looked, there were people and the odd wolf. The whole place reeked of different wolf scents.

Nothing or no one has caught my eye, though.

The guests kept coming and coming, and we noticed that everyone was being redirected back into the house by some waiters in smart white and red uniforms. We watched as a young man jumped in to our car parked it for us in the carpark and we turned around to follow a small group of people up the marble steps and through the large brown oak doors, and into a well-lit lobby. Straightaway, I noticed the massive marble staircase to the right of us.

It’s beautiful.

I eyed up the massive silver chandeliers that were dangling from the ceiling. I noticed that they had crystals and diamonds engraved into the silver. There were enormous vases filled with elegant floral displays lining the walls, and the floors were polished to an inch of their lives as I could see my reflection in the tiles as I walked over them. Somewhere, classical music was softly playing in the background. It was calming and set a relaxing mood, not that it was relaxing me, anyway. We carried on walking past the marble staircase, and I couldn’t help but notice how long and winding it was.

There must be at least four floors branching off it. How big is this place?

 I mean, I have been here before, but I’ve never really taken much notice.

Up until now.

I followed my Mum and Dad through the lobby and out through the patio doors. We found ourselves outside in the rear garden which lead out on to a large stone patio. The garden was massive which consisted of a large seating area to the left of us and an outdoor pool area to the right. Just in front of us, at the bottom of more stone steps, was a massive lawn area. Just past the lawn area, I could see a lake and a vast woodland area that will eventually lead out onto the moors.

The seating area has chimineas in each corner and comfortable sofas and chairs to sit down on, and the pool is a large rectangular shape with crystal clear water and there is a water feature in the middle that shoots up a fountain of water every couple of minutes. At one end of the pool is another patio with about 20 or so sun loungers. There is also an outdoor bar complete with an outdoor cooking area.

This is such a beautiful place to sit and relax. This would be a brilliant place to hold parties.

All the guests are either huddled on ...

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