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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


After struggling to find a way to leave the curious girl alone, Axl rushes through the gardens towards his chambers, leaving behind a trail of whips of water that send a warning to his entire kingdom. He’s not in a good mood. The mer-fairies run to safety as they sense him passing by the fields. It’s the first time in his eternal life that the powerful god feel shaken by someone so powerless like Camille. The way she’s made him battle to keep his composure; reaching his limit of endurance, his temper has risen to a new level and now someone else will have to pay.

Irritated by the lack of tact with the girl, to the fact that, he wouldn’t keep his cool, Axl grunts in the air as he awakens the ocean to a threatening storm that wakes up his beasts. The image of her glittering eyes looking right at him, the shock and admiration, confusion, and curiosity. He sighs while trying to calm his mood, deep down he knows that a violent typhoon will only scare the girl even more.

The god slams the door of his tower, making his servants jump to their feet. They watch him stomp to where Kaiden patiently waits for him. Kaiden his loyal servant, the only one that possesses the patience to handle his sudden outbursts of anger, now he will have to succumb his master’s temper only to help Camille survive another day. Kaiden senses the god’s energy rapidly turning into a dominant display of magic, something that can harm the nymphs waiting to serve him. Analyzing his irritated aura Kaiden sighs, knowing what danger may be coming towards them all.

“It is best if you leave the room,” he suggests to Tyr; Axl’s favorite nymph. A woman with intense green eyes and a seductive smile, she’s covered with golden jewels and stones.

Tyr rolls her eyes at Kaiden as she lays on the red wine couch, she grins to the other mermaid-looking women as they giggle shamelessly. Their nature to provoke and enchant anyone takes on even towards the servants. Kaiden exhales and turns away from the attractive creatures.

Axl ignores the women waiting for him; instead, he flops on his throne while his crystal blue eyes turn gray. The nymphs’ crawl towards him, seductively looking for his touch, trembling to feel his passion, the god looks down at the gorgeous women he always has at his disposal. The best of the best in the Gods’ World; spectacular bodies full of confidence and charm, holders of the power to lure the most hidden desires of any god, but to Axl they mean nothing.

Axl’s fury only increases in the presence of the women for whom he feels nothing at all. Not even the pleasure he seeks, the joy he only had once; centuries ago. He glares at the flirtatious women, contemplating the innocence he perceived from Camille, how with just one look into her eyes was enough for him to make his cold heart tremble. To hesitate, to debate whether to be brutally honest or just make up lies to keep her from crying.

The intensity turns into a threatening lightning strike over the water region. Ice crystals fall from the sky, slamming against the large windows as thunders rumble in the darkness of the night. The nymphs quilled in shock as the god’s face turns cold and expressionless.

“Get out of my sight.” He commands with a thundering tone that shock the nymphs to the core. Froze and without question the creatures do as they’re ordered, retreating into thin air, they vanish in the blink of an eye while Kaiden watches in silence.

Despite the thought of Camille being frightened by the chaos outside her window, Axl lets a loud thunder strike the tranquility of the night. He exhales to subside his anger and let the light of the moon fall upon the kingdom again.

“She was not sleeping?” Kaiden asks, quietly hoping to stay on his master’s good side, he hands him a glass of wine.

Taking the crystal glass from Kaiden’s hand, Axl focuses on the outside of his window, trying to understand his feelings, he needs the quiet nights to mediate. The strange gleam in her eyes, her soul is on a level no other creature chosen by the great gods has ev...

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